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The Federal Practice Group is proud to provide legal assistance Fort Hood service members can trust. As retired military personnel, we understand the importance of Fort Hood, now Fort Cavazos’ history, and what it means to uphold its reputation.

Located just outside Killeen, Texas, Fort Hood was established in 1942, in the midst of World War II. It is now one of the largest military installations found anywhere in the world. It is home to many units, such as the 1st Cavalry Division, the First Army Division West, the 41st Fires Brigade, and the III Corps. It has also been home to many famous residents, such as Geoff Ramsey and Elvis Presley. The base is made up of three main areas, North Fort Hood, West Fort Hood, and the main cantonment. It has two airfield and multiple training areas.

There are over 33,000 people living on the base, made up to 5,819 households and 5,819 families. The density of the population is approximately 2,255.7 people per square mile and there are 397.5 households per square mile. The demographics for the base are as follows. Over half of the population is Caucasian, 31.6% are African-American, 16.7% are Hispanic, and 2.1% are Asian. Per household, the median income is over $32,000 and for individuals it is between $17,000 and $18,000. Out of the people on the base, approximately 9.5% are living below the poverty line.

The base was also not without its share of incident. In 2007, a solider went missing for four days following a training exercise that was to be completed alone. Thousands of troops at the base looked for him and his body was found in a bushy area in the training ground. When an autopsy was completed, it was discovered that he died from dehydration and hyperthermia. Those in charge of the training exercise were blamed for the incident as there were multiple violations of procedure and acts of misconduct. Two years later, in 2009, another even more shocking incident occurred. An Army Major and psychiatrist opened fire, killing 13 people and injuring 30 more. He was charged with premeditated murder as well as attempted murder. This is why legal assistance Fort Hood service members can trust is critical.

History of Fort Hood

How did the base at Fort Hood begin? During World War II, the War Department needed an area where tank destroyers could train and test. In 1942, this track of land close to Killeen was chosen as the spot for this to take place. They purchased 108,000 acres of land, leaving 300 families without a home. The camp, as it was then, officially opened on September 18th, 1942, and was named after John Bell Hood, a Confederate general during the American Civil War. The facilities at the camp were able to accommodate up to 38,000 troops until in 1943 even more land was purchased. In June of 1943, the population skyrocketed to 95,000 troops at the camp.

Towards the end of the war, the emphasis of the camp changed to reclaiming equipment and demobilization. The population also decreased, with only 11,000 troops and 1,807 prisoners. In 1954, a unit moved from California to Fort Hood, III Corps. They were in charge of trainees, one of which was Elvis Presley. Although this fort has seen many changes, it has maintained its importance. Our team is committed to helping people on this base who have been accused of crimes. If you are facing criminal accusations, you need to ensure that you have a strong legal representative on your side who understands military law as well as criminal law. You can call our office at any time to discuss your case and learn how we could help you. Do not wait to get the help you need.

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