National Security & Security Clearance Lawyers

The Federal Practice Group’s team of seasoned security clearance lawyers is crucial for military members, federal civilians, and contractors navigating the complexities of the security clearance process.

We specialize in every phase of this journey, from application and adjudication to appeals and potential revocation situations, providing robust representation for federal employees, contractors, and military members worldwide.

We have successfully advocated for numerous intelligence community members facing possible clearance revocation, understanding the importance of maintaining a security clearance.

Obtaining, Maintaining, or Upgrading Your Security Clearance

Obtaining or upgrading a security clearance involves a thorough background investigation, encompassing financial history and personal life assessment, and may require explanations for any concerns or discrepancies.

Once granted, the clearance can be suspended or revoked by the employing agency if they deem you a national security threat due to work incidents, off-duty occurrences like arrests, financial issues, drug use, or personal conduct.

In such critical scenarios, enlisting an experienced attorney is paramount, as you are entitled to due process and legal representation throughout the revocation and appeal procedures.

Our attorneys are experts in representing and responding to:

  • Statement of Reasons (SOR)
  • Letters of Intent (LOI) to Revoke Security Clearance 
  • Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) Hearings
  • Managing adverse actions related to access suspension or clearance revocation.


If your security clearance is at risk or revoked, consulting a security clearance lawyer is essential. Reach out to the skilled team of national security lawyers at the Federal Practice Group today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, the process can move slowly and be lengthy, especially if appeals are involved. It is common for security clearance adjudication to take longer than one year.

In most instances, you will only lose your job once you have received a final decision on your security clearance. However, if your access to classified material is suspended, a federal agency may indefinitely suspend you without pay while the adjudication occurs.

Yes, your agency should inform you of why it decided to suspend your clearance and must do so if it intends to take any adverse action (e.g., indefinite suspension from duty) based on that decision. Before your clearance is revoked, you will receive a Statement of Reasons explaining why the government intends to revoke your security clearance.

Yes. We are well-versed in helping individuals obtain or maintain security clearances and represent clients in clearance revocation or denial cases.

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