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Practice Areas

Our team has deep experience in resolving complex matters through arbitration, negotiation, mediation, and settlement. Our motto as litigators is Sī vīs pācem, parā bellum, “If you want peace, prepare for war.” We prepare our cases as if they will require litigation, understanding that a mutually agreed resolution is almost always the best outcome for all parties concerned.

Our appellate practice builds on a trial attorney’s strong trial record that preserves arguments and then converts that record into legally persuasive positions for appellate review regardless of the cases’ complexity. Our team’s track record on appeals is verifiable and involves matters of APA, Constitutionality, Federal Employment, FOIA, Government Contracts, Government Actions, Immigration, and National Security, to name a few.

Our global fraud and asset recovery team advises on complex, high-value, cross-border fraud and asset tracing matters, including cyber fraud, misrepresentation, asset dissipation, invoice fraud, bribery, banking fraud, money laundering, and white-collar crime. Our team can assist in successfully locating, enforcing, and recovering assets.

The worldwide economy is confronting an ever-evolving set of corporate governance challenges. Our corporate attorneys help guide organizations through these challenges to ensure compliance and implement strategies to reduce cost and risk.

Our entertainment attorneys represent and advocate for content creators, producers, athletes, and artists in transactional and litigation matters.

Our federal criminal defense lawyers represent individuals under investigation for or charged with federal crimes.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, our private-sector employment team will work with you to create a positive outcome for your case.

Our renowned federal employment attorneys represent federal employees nationwide in a full range of federal employment law matters including EEO complaints, MSPB appeals, and disciplinary actions.

Our notably successful government contracts practice group provides transactional guidance and litigation experience before various tribunals and jurisdictions, including the GAO -Bid Protests, ASBCA appeals, and the Court of Federal Claims. We also assist whistleblowers in Qui Tam matters.

Our immigration and naturalization law attorneys work passionately on diverse immigration cases.

We represent foreign and domestic companies involved in cross-border disputes in various forums and languages.

We are, at our core, a litigation firm. Our experienced litigation attorneys can assist you in obtaining the relief you are seeking.

Our experienced military law group handles the full range of matters affecting our uniformed service members, which includes Administrative, Appellate, Criminal Matters, and Victim’s Rights.

Our experienced national security attorneys prepare to guide clients through every security clearance application or appeal process phase, including issues with CBP, Global Entry, and address concerns related to travel or cross-border transactions, the Foreign Registration Act, Treasury Sanctions, and Pardons.

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What Our Clients Say

Debra and her team are experts in their field. They put my mind at ease and pursued all legal avenues. They included me in the process and treated me as a knowledgeable and valuable part of the case. Their efforts paid off as we got the outcome I had hoped for, which resulted in preserving my work reputation and my ability to apply for future jobs. I am truly indebted to them.
When you realize you are being sued by the United States it can be an overwhelming feeling. However, after discussing my case with Eric, I felt much better about what could be done on my behalf. While the case was complex, he did a great job negotiating with the government for a settlement that I was very satisfied with.
I had Carol Thompson as my lawyer and she knocked my case out of the park. She was very professional and attentive. Without hesitation, she cross examined the witness and knew the legal language to crush the case. She is a true patriot for our military. Without her I would be a civilian trying to figure out which direction to take. Thank you again, Mrs. Carol Thompson.