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Here at the Federal Practice Group, we strive to provide each of our clients with the very best legal representation possible. Our law firm is known for dedicated, affordable, and effective representation of our clients, whether you are a federal employee, military member, or government contractor. We closely partner with our clients throughout the course of a given legal matter, helping our clients understand the potential advantages and disadvantages of each possible course of action in their case. We are grateful to our clients for taking the time to provide insight into their experience with our firm.

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Other law firms are unable to match our experience when it comes to  complicated matters arising from federal law or interactions with the U.S. federal government such as federal employment law, government contracts, immigration, military, or criminal proceedings. The Federal Practice Group's attorneys can provide nuanced, professional legal support in more than a dozen major areas of law across the world with the most common being in the areas of:

Our clients can expect the greatest possible cost-benefit solution to their issues when they work with the team at the Federal Practice Group.

An internationally known group of legal practitioners, the team is ready to offer elite support for legal issues that surpass the realm or scope of most law firms. Whether your business interests, your military reputation, or your rights as a federal employee are at stake, the team of attorneys is available to advocate for you. Choose a law firm that is dedicated to nurturing client-attorney relationships and be treated like an individual.

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