About Us

Elite Advocacy and Legal Representation

At the Federal Practice Group, we strive to provide our clients with the best legal representation possible. We are leaders in our respective practice areas and take on the federal government for our clients. We partner closely with our clients to help you understand the potential advantages and disadvantages of each possible course of action in your case and stand by your side during your legal battle, regardless of whether you are a federal employee fighting for your job or a government contractor filing a bid protest.

Founded by retired Marine Corps Major Eric S. Montalvo and renowned federal employment law lawyer Debra A. D’Agostino in 2011, FPG began as a team of tough, experienced, and respected attorneys focused on the unique bodies of law applicable to the U.S. federal government. Over our first decade in business, our team became internationally recognized for successfully taking on the federal government on behalf of our clients, including federal employees, government contractors, and military members.  

As we expanded our team, our practice areas grew to include immigration law, national security law, and other areas of expertise. We are headquartered in Washington, DC, and added an office in Anaheim, CA, although we can and do provide legal services worldwide, wherever our clients are. Growth of this magnitude can only be attributed to outstanding legal work and client satisfaction. 

As important as providing exceptional legal services, we also feel that we must provide our representation to our clients at an exceptional value. This means we aim to be client-driven and truly partner with our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our Promise

The Federal Practice Group ensures our clients have access to justice, first and foremost. We leverage our talent, technology, innovation, and efficiencies to reduce your costs while delivering superior legal representation. Our diverse team of lawyers is recognized across the US and globally as leaders in our respective areas of expertise.  We will be unrelenting as we fight with you and for you to achieve your goals.

What Makes Us Different

Highly regarded and sought-after experts in our niche practice areas

Client-centered solutions

Technology leveraged to support clients nationally & internationally

Thought leaders within the legal community

One of the most diverse firms with exceptional talent & perspective

Success born through experience