Asset recovery refers to identifying, locating, and securing assets unlawfully obtained, hidden, or misappropriated. It often involves legal action to recover and return these assets to their rightful owners. There are various types of asset recovery, and our asset recovery attorneys work hard to assist individuals or entities in these endeavors.  

Types of Asset Recovery

Asset Forfeiture: In cases of criminal activity, attorneys can help clients recover assets seized by law enforcement agencies. This can involve challenging the forfeiture, demonstrating the legitimate origin of the assets, or negotiating for their return. 

Asset Tracing: Attorneys use investigative techniques to trace assets hidden through complex financial structures, shell companies, or offshore accounts. This is common in cases of fraud, embezzlement, or money laundering. 

Bankruptcy Asset Recovery: In bankruptcy, attorneys can assist creditors in recovering assets or funds from debtors. This involves understanding bankruptcy laws and pursuing assets exempt from discharge. 

Debt Recovery: Attorneys can assist creditors in recovering debts owed to them. This may involve negotiating with debtors, filing lawsuits, obtaining judgments, and pursuing collection efforts. 

Divorce Asset Recovery: During divorce proceedings, attorneys can help clients identify and divide marital assets, ensuring an equitable distribution. They may also uncover hidden assets or income to prevent unfair settlements. 

Estate Recovery: Attorneys assist in identifying and distributing assets from the estates of deceased individuals, ensuring that beneficiaries receive their rightful inheritance while adhering to legal requirements. 

Fraud Recovery: In fraud cases, attorneys can help victims recover their losses by identifying the assets obtained through fraud, initiating legal action against the wrongdoers, and securing judgments to enforce restitution. 

International Asset Recovery: For assets located in foreign jurisdictions, attorneys experienced in international law can assist in navigating the complex legal and jurisdictional issues involved in recovering assets abroad. 

How Our Asset Recovery Attorneys Can Help

Enforcement: Attorneys can help clients enforce judgments, obtain court orders, and work with law enforcement agencies to recover assets. 

International Expertise: In international asset recovery cases, attorneys with expertise in international law and extradition processes can navigate the complexities of cross-border asset recovery. 

Investigation: Attorneys often work with investigators to trace and identify assets. They may use forensic accounting and other investigative techniques to uncover hidden assets. 

Legal Expertise: Attorneys are well-versed in the applicable laws and regulations related to asset recovery. They can guide the legal processes involved. 

Litigation: If necessary, attorneys can file lawsuits and represent their clients in court to secure judgments and enforce asset recovery. 

Negotiation: Attorneys can negotiate with debtors, wrongdoers, or relevant parties to reach settlement agreements for asset recovery without trial. 

Protection of Rights: Attorneys protect their client’s legal rights throughout the asset recovery, ensuring compliance with due process and other legal requirements. 

It’s important to hire an experienced attorney with expertise in the specific type of asset recovery you need. The Federal Practice Group’s team of asset recovery attorneys is ready to help. 

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