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Military Criminal Defense Attorneys

Military Criminal Defense Lawyers With the Experience You Need

If you are a member of the armed forces who has undergone a criminal investigation, you may face military and civil charges that could impact your career. You undoubtedly feel worried about your future and unsure how you can protect yourself and your family. You probably feel pain for those you love and uncertainty over what will happen next.

You can regain some control over your future by enlisting the best team of military criminal defense attorneys. At The Federal Practice Group, we represent members of the military in Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland and elsewhere across the country. We have a long history of assisting clients through difficult periods. You need an advocate and a tireless supporter to work on your behalf and protect your future. You will find that team at The Federal Practice Group.

We can mount a military criminal defense for you, your spouse or your child. We offer outstanding value on our services because we understand that many of our nation's troops face financial limitations. We charge below market value to ensure finances won't stand in the way of giving you the best defense.

Our approach embraces problem solving and creativity. We use strategies other firms may not even consider to secure the best results. We fight on our clients' behalf, and we never give up, because we know how important the outcome of your case is to your future. Read on to learn more about what you may face in your case and why The Federal Practice Group is the right firm to help you through it.


At the Federal Practice Group, we fight to protect the rights, freedoms, and futures of military members facing criminal allegations, investigations, and other disciplinary actions. Our military criminal defense attorneys have decades of experience in criminal defense and military justice. Attorney Eric Montalvo, our firm's founding partner, is a former military prosecutor and defense counsel who served over 21 years in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Members of the United States military are subject to the same laws that traditional members of American society are accustomed to following, as well as those unique to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Drug crimes, sex crimes, theft, computer crimes, fraternization and many other acts are not unheard of as being committed by servicemen and women. The criminal consequences of breaking the law do not go without imposition, and those convicted of a crime should expect to suffer lengthy prison sentences and financial penalties as well.

In addition to criminal or civil penalties suffered by a member of the armed forces, military consequences may also apply. In cases where a serviceman or woman has tarnished their branch of service, or themselves, the military may take other actions beyond civil or criminal courts, to extend further punishment. Those accused or charged may become the focus of a board of inquiry or other military administrative procedure, and can suffer demotion with lost pay, and even dishonorable discharge. It is critical to have a dependable, trusted military criminal defense attorney by your side who can speak for your best interest in court, so that you can possibly avoid such devastating consequences.

Why Choose Us?

From the moment you enter the military, you are trained to handle specific situations that help defend our country. You rely on that training every day, and you trust the experience you built up over the years to help you handle difficult or confusing circumstances. We bring that type of dependable experience to every case we take on.

Our firm has assisted many people facing criminal cases similar to your own. We have guided them through court-martials, and we know what it takes to mount a successful defense. You can trust our expertise to deliver the sort of aggressive, knowledgeable representation that has gotten many of our past clients the favorable outcomes they hoped to achieve.

As military criminal defense lawyers practicing in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and elsewhere in the US, we offer many other advantages to our clients beyond our experience, such as having:

  • Former military members and military prosecutors
  • Decades of military criminal justice experience
  • Award-Winning Defense Lawyers
  • A History of successful case results
  • Worldwide service - we can come to you wherever you’re stationed

If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime while serving in the United States military, are currently being investigated, or are facing disciplinary actions – you have the right to defend yourself and retain representation. Because military criminal defense cases are significantly different than civilian proceedings, and because service members have so much at stake, working with experienced lawyers who are fully prepared to fight on your behalf is crucial.

The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service handles the full range of military criminal defense matters, including:

No matter what the case may be, our firm is dedicated to defending the rights of military members. We represent service members from all branches of the military and provide experienced assistance throughout our clients' legal journeys.

Explore Our Military Criminal Defense Resources

Our firm makes sure to answer all questions our clients have and to keep them fully informed throughout their case. For immediate information about your rights and situation, we encourage you to contact us for a case evaluation. Here are more military criminal defense resources available on our website:

Defending Your Rights, Reputation, and Future

If convicted of any of these or similar crimes, you could face penalties comparable to those administered in a civilian court, such as fines and incarceration. Additionally, you may also face various military penalties, including possible demotion or a reprimand which could severely affect your career. A criminally convicted member of the United States Armed Forces could even face punitive discharge from his or her branch of service.

The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service has been providing diligent criminal defense for military members for many years. If you or someone in your family are a military member and have been charged with a crime, contact an attorney from the firm for help, or schedule a case evaluation. The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service serves clients all over the world. Wherever you are stationed, an attorney from the firm can help you fight for your reputation and freedom.

Protecting Your Rights and Military Career

The Federal Practice Group focuses on protecting members of the military against criminal conviction. Because the firm’s lawyers primarily deal with military service members, they recognize that there can be many complications associated with these types of cases not typically found in civilian criminal cases. Because of this, they encourage you to contact the firm as soon as possible. Over the years, they have been very successful in dealing with military criminal charges and are prepared to put this specialized knowledge to work for you.

Being charged with a criminal offense is a stressful and intimidating ordeal for anyone. Criminal justice is a complex area of the law and can leave you confused and filled with uncertainty. If you are a member of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard or are a civilian contractor and are facing charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the Federal Practice Group can help you.

Please know that you do not have to go through this ordeal alone. An experienced defense attorney from the firm will aggressively protect your rights no matter where you happen to be stationed currently. The Firm is prepared to help military members who have been formally charged, believe they may soon be charged, or are currently under investigation.

Full-Service Military Criminal Defense Law Firm

If you haven’t been arrested but have been notified that you are being investigated or if an Administrative Separation Board or Board of Inquiry has convened to review your case, it is vital that you contact the legal team as soon as possible. You do not want to wait for a court-martial before getting a military defense attorney from the firm. Even if you have already given a statement, one of the skilled attorneys will investigate your case to ensure that your rights have not been violated.

The Firm can assist with the full range of court-martial proceedings, offenses, and issues:

The Federal Practice Group is very well-versed in military justice procedures and may be able to have statements or evidence that has been brought against you dismissed. The talented and determined group of court-martial defense attorneys at the firm understands what you are going through and will to guide you through the process while protecting your rights and your career.

Contact a Military Criminal Defense Attorney From Our Firm

No matter the exact circumstances of the arrest or the criminal charges that you find yourself facing, it is highly encouraged that you get the involvement of a lawyer from our firm as soon as possible. Over the years, the firm has proven that they can take on even the most complex cases involving military charges. They are dedicated to defending the legal rights of servicemen and women – and will fight tooth and nail to help them avoid the grimmer possibilities that can be associated with a conviction of a military charge. You can trust that should you choose to work with the firm that you will be fully and comprehensively defended to the fullest extent of the law.

Facing a court-martial is a serious matter that places your future at tremendous risk. In military courts, you may be facing multiple prosecutors to your one defender. The prosecution vigorously pursues convictions, and with our experience, the firm has the skill required to navigate the UCMJ and win. When your future is at risk and the odds seem to be stacked against you, you need an attorney with proven experience and knowledge of military justice who will steadfastly fight for you.

Get in touch with The Federal Practice Group today. We will work with you to explain your case in language you understand, present your options and come up with the best strategy to help you and your family. When you trust us with your case, we bring a laser focus and attention to detail unmatched by other firms.


The proven attorneys at The Federal Practice Group have over a century of combined experience successfully assisting federal employees through the most difficult periods of their lives and careers.



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