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The Importance of Contract Compliance

Government contracts compliance is vital to running a successful business. You are subject to various contract requirements, statutes, and regulations as a government contractor. Given the complicated rules that apply to federal contractors and the severe penalties for non-compliance, companies must retain skilled counsel to succeed in this industry without facing business-ending penalties. 

We help clients maintain government contract compliance by advising them on procurement laws, ethical obligations, and legislative and regulatory changes. If an area of non-compliance is identified, our government contract attorneys are skilled factfinders who can determine what caused the issue and prepare an argument should an investigation be called.

Defending Your Rights During an Investigation

Even the most well-intentioned government contractors can sometimes find themselves under investigation. We are experienced in navigating clients through investigations conducted by the Inspector General (IG), the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Department of Labor (DOL), and the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

When federal contract investigators become involved, issues may surfaced under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) or the Procurement Integrity Act. They may have found defective pricing, federal and state False Claims Act and qui tam actions, cost accounting and pricing issues, and general allegations of fraud.  

How a Government Contracts Attorney Can Help

When our clients are contacted by federal contract investigators and face an external investigation, our attorneys conduct a fact-finding analysis and provide the client with case-specific, effective plans of action. We can help with:  

Investigating Contractual Compliance: We review government contracts to ensure that the parties involved are complying with all the terms, conditions, and regulations set forth in the agreement. 

Identifying Potential Violations: Our team will examine the actions of the parties involved in the contract to identify any potential violations of laws, regulations, or contractual provisions. This may include investigating instances of fraud, false claims, or other illegal activities related to the contract. 

Advising Clients: We provide legal advice to clients on how to navigate complex government contracting rules and regulations, and how to address any identified issues or violations and what mitigating steps they should take. 

Representation in Investigations: If the government initiates an investigation into the contract, our lawyers will represent their client during the investigation process. This involves interacting with government agencies, responding to inquiries, and advocating on behalf of our client’s interests. 

Negotiation and Settlement: In some cases, we may negotiate with government authorities to reach a settlement or resolution for any alleged contract violations or misconduct. 

Litigation: If necessary, we may represent the client in court if the government contract investigation leads to a legal dispute or enforcement action. 

Compliance Programs: Our team assists clients in developing and implementing compliance programs to ensure ongoing adherence to relevant laws and regulations. 

Audits and Internal Investigations: We conduct internal audits and investigations on behalf of our clients to proactively identify and address potential compliance issues before they become major problems. 

Contract Review and Drafting: In addition to handling investigations, we also review and draft government contracts to ensure they are legally sound and protect our client’s interests. 

Due Diligence: In situations involving mergers, acquisitions, or government contract bid preparation, we conduct due diligence to assess potential risks and compliance issues. 

Government Contract Attorneys Fighting for You

Our number one goal is to preserve our clients’ federal contracts and business reputations. No matter how big or small an issue, our experienced attorneys ensure our clients adhere to government contracts compliance laws. 

Our extensive experience allows us to effectively communicate and coordinate with federal contract investigators while protecting our client’s interests. Our government contract attorneys regularly collaborate with attorneys from our white-collar criminal defense practice to offer our clients comprehensive representation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Government contracting refers to the process through which federal, state, or local government agencies purchase goods and services from private businesses or individuals to fulfill their operational needs and public services. 

Government contracting is regulated by various laws and regulations, including the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), agency-specific regulations, the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA), the False Claims Act, and various socio-economic programs. 

The FAR is a set of rules and guidelines issued by the federal government that govern the acquisition process for all executive agencies. It covers various aspects of contracting, including procurement procedures, contract administration, and contractor responsibilities. 

We assist clients by reviewing and understanding relevant regulations, ensuring they have appropriate policies and procedures in place, providing training on compliance, and conducting internal audits to identify and address potential issues. 

A bid protest is a formal complaint filed by a bidder or offeror who believes that a government procurement process was conducted unfairly, improperly, or in violation of procurement laws and regulations. 

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