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Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) War Crime Attorneys


The Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), or Law of War, is international law established to regulate the conduct of armed hostilities. The main purposes of the LOAC are to limit the unnecessary damages and casualties of a conflict, protect combatants and non-combatants alike from senseless suffering, safeguard the fundamental rights of those same individuals, help prevent the conflict from worsening and in doing so, allow peace to be easily restored to the area once the conflict is over.

There are two main sources of LOAC, the first is international law and is binding upon all nations. It addresses the conduct of nations during conflicts and hostilities. The second is treaty law. Treaty law is formed as a result of international treaties and only binds those nations which have given formal consent to a particular treaty. LOAC treaty law can commonly be divided into two key areas:

  • Hague Law covers the means and methods of warfare including but not limited to lawful and unlawful weapons, targeting, etc.
  • Geneva Law covers protecting those individuals (such as the sick, wounded, shipwrecked, POWs and civilians) who are involved in conflicts.

Service members fighting in combat areas are often faced with having to make split-second decisions in order to protect not only their own life, but the lives of their fellow service members and/or civilians. Unfortunately sometimes those same decisions may lead to accusations of LOAC or war crimes. Although military personnel are required to receive general training in LOAC, not all military personnel may be aware of their full rights and responsibilities under the Law of Armed Conflict.

Therefore if you or a loved one are facing Law of Armed Conflict accusations, "War Crimes,” you need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. The attorneys at the firm have experience representing active duty, reservists, and retired military personnel. No matter where you are worldwide, contact us so we can answer your questions, evaluate your case and give you the professional representation you need.


During combat times, there are circumstances which could bring about Law of Armed Conflict accusations. Service members don't always have the time to devise step-by-step plans of attack. Even amidst the best laid plans, service members may have only seconds to make decisions that could impact the lives of fellow service members and other civilians.

Additionally, when in a combat area, crimes such as rape, murder, violation of the Geneva Convention as it relates to POWs and violating the Rules of Engagement can all be classified as LOAC or war crimes. You've dedicated your life to fighting for our country, now let a criminal defense expert fight for you and defend your rights. A court-martial attorney at the firm has the experience and successful record you want representing your case.


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