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Suspension and Debarment Lawyer Virginia

Virginia Suspension and Debarment Lawyer

Virginia Suspension and Debarment Lawyer writing on legal documentsSuspension and debarment are serious claims that can affect a contractor’s viability in the incredibly competitive climate of government contracting which is why you should contact a Virginia suspension and debarment lawyer if you are facing these claims. False claims, procurement fraud or simply not complying with contract terms or conditions can be serious threats to a contractor and can seriously cripple a company’s future. 

Having the right response to these issues can make or break a contractor, so having the right legal team to assist in sorting out these cases can be the difference between a thriving company or the end of their government contracting. Contact a Virginia suspension and debarment lawyer from The Federal Practice Group for help, if you or your company are facing suspension and debarment threats.

Does an agency have to give notice for suspension or debarment?

While each situation is unique, a common issue with suspension and debarment is failure to give proper notice to include all of the reasons for the dissolution of the business relationship. As a contractor, you still have some level of due process rights. In fact, a court ruled in one situation that the General Services Administration unfairly debarred an individual because they didn’t give him notice of all of the grounds for which he was debarred and therefore, he could not provide responses to each itemized complaint prior to the finalization of his debarment. If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, you and your company may be able to fight back with the help of a lawyer.

How Do You Respond to a Notice of Proposed Debarment?

If you receive a notice of proposed debarment, it’s important to first look at the allegations and see if the government agency specifically itemized why it is proposing you for debarment or suspension. You then have the option to respond in either verbal or written form. It’s often in your best interest to reply in writing, as it will offer a more detailed and concise record, however, you want to be sure that you carefully craft and outline your argued response. This can be a difficult thing to do, and is often best handled with the help of an experienced attorney.

Is it a punishment to be debarred and/or suspended from a government contract?

The guiding statutes strongly suggest that debarment and suspension of government contractors should not be utilized as a tool to punish government contractors. Instead, the focus should be on the alleged causes or actions taken that catalyzed the notice of debarment and suspension. These actions should be measured so harmful to the agency that it’s clearly in the government’s best interest to cease doing business with your company. 

Furthermore, simply because the agency recommends you for debarment or suspension doesn’t mean that the agency automatically gets their way.

Contact a Skilled Lawyer in Virginia

There are many factors to consider when facing a debarment and suspension, and many legal guidelines that should shape how your response to such a notice should be handled. By contacting a skilled Virginia debarment and suspension lawyer at The Federal Practice Group, you give yourself a stronger foundation to protect yourself and your company from suffering the potentially catastrophic consequences of a debarment and suspension with any given governmental agency. Contact our team today to start fighting for your rights.

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