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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Wright-Patterson AFB) is a base located in Ohio which is operated by the U.S. Air Force. It spans across Montgomery County and Greene County and contains Wright Field and Patterson Field. Patterson Field (formally Fairfield Aviation General Supply Depot) is about ten miles from Dayton, Ohio and Wright Field (formally Wilbur Wright Field) is about five miles from Dayton. What sets this military base apart is the fact that it is the largest base in the U.S. Air Force. The 88th Air Base Wing is the host unit and it is under the leadership of Colonel Cassie B. Barlow. 

The base has over 27,000 employees, both civilian and military. According to the 2000 census, there are approximately 6,600 people living on the base. This is made up of 1,754 households and 1,704 families. The density of the population is 569 people per square mile. Over 76% of the population is White, 15% is African American, 4.45% is Hispanic, and 2.3% is Asian. The majority of the population of the base is under the age of 18 at 42.5% and 41.5% of the population is between the ages of 18 and 24. The median age on base is 23 and for every 100 females, there are 105 males. The median income for a household on the base is $43,342. Males make an average of $30,888 and females make an average of $21,044. 

History of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

The base was originally named after the Wright brothers, pioneers in the field of aviation. The Wright brothers had used part of the base for testing the aircraft and their endeavors were partially made possible by the contributions of the Patterson Family, owners of National Cash Register. This base has been in existence since World War I. In 1917 when the U.S. joined the war, a total of three military bases were established in Dayton, Ohio. Two of these bases are now part of Wright-Patterson AFB. After World War I, the training school which was located at Wilbur Wright Field closed down and it merged with the depot to make Fairfield Air Depot. McCook Field closed down in 1927 because the aircraft was becoming larger than the airfield could accommodate. 

During World War II, the fields grew exponentially, as did other military installations across the country. In 1939, the fields employed 3,700 people, but this expanded to 50,000 during the war. Wright Field, for example, had 30 buildings at the beginning of the war, but increased to 300 buildings plus paved runways. After the war, in 1948, the field joined to become Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Over the years, this base has become the most important military installation of the Air Force as well as the largest. Due to its importance to the beginning of aviation, it is also an important historical site. 

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