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International litigation refers to legal disputes involving individuals, companies, or governments from different countries. These disputes can arise in various areas of law, including commercial, civil, criminal, and public international law. International litigation often involves complex legal and jurisdictional issues because it crosses national borders and implicates the legal systems of multiple countries.

If you find yourself in a cross-border dispute, obtaining an attorney with experience in international litigation is important. 

International litigation addresses issues that cross national borders or have a global dimension. These cases can be between individuals, companies, or even governments from different countries. International litigation can encompass various issues, such as cross-border contracts, international trade disputes, human rights violations, and conflicts involving multiple jurisdictions.  

Key characteristics of international litigation: 

  • Cross-border nature: International litigation is distinguished by its involvement in legal conflicts that extend beyond a single country’s jurisdiction.  
  • Conflict of laws: The complexity arises from navigating differing legal systems, regulations, and international treaties when resolving disputes.  
  • Choice of forum: Determining the appropriate jurisdiction and forum to bring a case is a critical consideration in international litigation, often involving strategic decisions about where the case should be heard.  

International litigation includes cross-border commercial disputes, disputes over international contracts, human rights cases brought before international courts or tribunals, and transnational crimes like human trafficking or terrorism.

These cases need experienced international litigation attorneys who deeply understand the complexities of navigating multiple legal systems. 

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