Arsh Mengi

Legal Assistant

Arsh Mengi is a Legal Assistant at the Federal Practice Group and works in the California branch of the firm. With extensive experience, Mr. Mengi works intimately on preparing diverse applications ranging from work permits, asylum, naturalization, asylum office packet, immigration petitions, client intakes, drafting various other case-associated documents, and consulting with attorneys before filling with the Asylum Office, Immigration courts, and Department of Homeland Security. He is fluent in three languages: English, Punjabi, and Hindi. He also provides his assistance by working with attorneys in both verbal and physical translation of respondent declarations, testimonies, and official documents. Mr. Mengi is the first point of contact for most of the new and continuing clients.

Mr. Mengi is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree. He has also accomplished certifications in several sectors such as medical science, network, and communications technologies, accounting and data analytics, managerial and financial accounting, and taxation competency.

Mr. Mengi holds an official record of volunteering 1575 hours of community service in the last 5 years, in his free time he volunteers in non-profit organizations like Feeding America, VITA, CalCPA, community centers, public libraries, homeless shelters, and domestic violence shelters.