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General and Reconstruction Contracts in Iraq or Afghanistan

The government is one of the largest consumers of goods and services. These needs are very broad and include military, weapons, hardware, information technology, security, and even janitorial services. As time passeses, the government has been more apt to utilizing the private sector to meet their needs. This has resulted in thousands of lucrative opportunities for government contractors of every size. Unlike standard commercial transactions, government contracts have many regulations. If these are not followed by contractors, there can be serious consequences. These regulations change on a frequent basis, and are often complex. Having a contract and JCCS attorney Virginia has to offer on your side is recommended.

For many years, our Virginia JCCS attorney from The Federal Practice Group has been helping clients engage in successful business practices with the United States Government. Our clients vary in their background and operate businesses of all sizes. Some do business at the local level and others at the state or federal level. Rest assured, we have the necessary experience in government contracts, and are ready to help clients navigate the highly regulated and technical issues that so commonly arise during the process. To learn more, call the Federal Practice Group.

Understanding the Joint Contingency Contracting System

The Joint Contingency Contracting System (JCCS) is a “real-time contract data repository and reporting tool” that provides general and reconstruction contracts available in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was developed by the United States Government, and has been available to use since 2006.

As a Joint Contingency Contracting System attorney in Virginia might explain, this extensive system is used for Host Nation and Non-Host vendor registration, as well as solicitation postings, and electronic proposal submissions and receipts. The system can also be used to review verified vendor information and to ensure it is a legitimate entity.

The capabilities of the Joint Contingency Contracting System are broad, and include:

  • Centralized Host Nation Vendor Management
  • Data Capture of Electronic Fund Transfers
  • Automated NCAGE Code Assignment
  • Solicitation/Proposal Receipts
  • Review of Past Performance
  • Review of a Vendor
  • Command Contract Reporting

As a JCCS attorney in Virginia, we know that this system has an enormous amount of potential. However, contractors might not understand how to fully utilize the system’s benefits. Or, they may require overall assistance with their contract proposals, submissions, and payments. Our firm can offer extensive guidance and advice that is relevant to the Joint Contingency Contracting System, government contracts, bid protests, and more. If you are looking for legal advocacy and assistance, please call The Federal Practice Group.

The Role of a JCCS Attorney in Virginia

A contract and JCCS attorney in Virginia should be one who has extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of government contracts. In general, our advice may begin with a proposal submission or bid. It will continue through the negotiation and award. In the event of an unfair award or dispute a Joint Contingency Contracting System attorney in Virginia can help to defend the claims brought against you or another party.

As an attorney for JCCS and government contracts, we offer services including:

  • Guidance for the Joint Contingency Contracting System
  • Counsel regarding contracts in Iraq or Afghanistan
  • Assistance in preparing bid proposal
  • Advice on regulations, such as mandatory disclosure
  • Legal representation in court

Do You Need a Virginia JCCS Attorney?

Whether you are seeking a government bid for the first time, or you are a government contractor seeking contracts in Iraq or Afghanistan, a JCCS attorney in Virginia is recommended. Contact us today!

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