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Government Contract Lawyer Virginia

Whether your company has run into complications while pursuing government contracts, or you would like to be proactive about making sure you are legally compliant, you will likely benefit from consulting a government contract lawyer Virginia businesses trust. At The Federal Practice Group, we assist companies of all sizes, from medium sized businesses to larger enterprise firms in their pursuit of government contracts. The federal procurement marketplace is competitive but potentially lucrative.

However, when the process appears to be unfair, it may be necessary to pursue an award protest. To learn more about how our government contract lawyer in Virginia can assist you in winning the contracts your company deserves, call us for a consultation.

Our Procurement Legal Services

The Federal Practice Group is a boutique law firm in Virginia with a skilled government contract lawyer in Virginia who has extensive experience handling a wide range of legal services pertaining to federal government award protests. We can help you resolve your dispute, regardless of how complex and encompassing the issues. Some of the most common issues that contractors face include those in the below categories:

  •        Contract dispute claims under the Contract Disputes Act.
  •        Consulting services in advance of pursuing one or more federal contracts.
  •        Bid protest submissions with the appropriate agency and the Court of Federal Claims.
  •        Statutory guidance to ensure Federal Acquisition Regulations compliance.
  •        Appeals and litigation.
  •        Contract termination for reasons of default or convenience.
  •        Small Business Association programs.
  •        Debarment and suspension.

The Federal Practice Group: Experience Matters

The Federal Practice Group government contract lawyer in Virginia has many years of experience protecting the rights of clients who have been unfairly denied federal contracts or need quality legal representation during litigation. We can protect your company’s reputation even as well help you procure the contracts that will help your business grow. Our federal government contract lawyer also handles bid protests and can represent your business as well as advise your stakeholders in regulatory practices as they pertain to government agencies. Whether your appeal is heard in the Court of Federal Claims or at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, you can have the full support of our legal team and our government contract lawyer in Virginia.

When You Might Benefit from the Legal Services of a Government Contract Lawyer in Virginia

Due to the nature of government contracts, there are many ways in which there may be difficulties and challenges. Your claim may have been denied or the contracting authority may be refusing to offer fair compensation when the scope of work increases. Our federal government contract lawyer in Virginia can help you right these wrongs. We also reduce the liabilities for government contractors under Federal Acquisition Regulations.

The Federal Practice Group: We Aggressively Represent the Best Interests of Our Clients

To learn more about The Federal Practice Group and how we can assist your company, call us to arrange an appointment to discuss your case with our federal government contract lawyer. The longer you wait, the more difficult your circumstances may become. Take advantage of a consultation to learn how a government contract lawyer Virginia contractors rely on can help your business prosper.

GAO Bid Protest Lawyer Virginia

Today there exists a highly competitive environment to secure a government contract, so much so, that bid protests have become an almost unavoidable part of the process. If you are competing for a local, state, or federal government contract, you should consult a government contract lawyer Virginia companies can depend on.

Whether you wish to challenge the terms of a solicitation, defend your contract award, or argue against  the award of a government contract to another entity, we at The Federal Practice Group can help you.

Time Is of the Utmost Importance

You have a very short time to file for a bid protest. These deadlines can have a serious impact between your ability to secure your contract award or performance and to have your protest dismissed. Furthermore, how you file your protest can have an effect on the deadline itself, whether or not a briefing is required, your allegations and their substance, and the overall outcome of the bid protest. Navigating the bid protest process is often confusing, difficult, and overwhelming. To ensure you are able to do so with ease, it is recommended to have a  Virginia government contract lawyer on your side.

Why Choose The Federal Practice Group

As a renowned government contract lawyer in Virginia, our firm has substantial knowledge, determination, depth, and success in pursuing and defending government procurements in all available forums

We have litigated before:

  • The U.S. Court of Federal Claims
  • The U.S. Court of Appeals
  • The Government Accountability Office
  • The FAA Office of Dispute Resolution
  • The Small Business Administration

It is our goal to work in concert with you to find the most effective way in which to proceed with your bid protest. A few reasons to consider us to be your government contract lawyer Virginia has to offer includes:

  • We have handled a large number of government contracts
  • The value of the contract has varied from hundreds of thousands to billions of dollars
  • We are equipped with an immaculate amount of experience
  • We can tackle novel and complex legal issues
  • We have built superb relationships with federal agencies, the courts, and the GAO
  • We will be ready to respond quickly to your needs
  • Even if you are under a short deadline we can help
  • We are also familiar with contracts that involve classified material and security clearances

Finally, our government contract lawyers know that the bottom line goal is to secure the contract, and the overall business, for you. As such, we know how to navigate and litigate a protest in such a way that it not only assists in meeting your goals, but also protects your business-client relationships.

Whether you are thinking about pursuing a bid protest now, or in the near future, or you would like to review your best course of action before moving forward with a bid protest, talk with the government contract lawyer Virginia clients recommend from The Federal Practice Group. Our firm is available to help you, your interests, and your long term business goals.

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