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When Someone Should Consider Calling a DC Federal Employment Lawyer

The Federal Practice Group is a DC law firm where each federal employment lawyer focuses on assisting employees with workers compensation issues and conflicts. Federal workers compensation claims can be frustrating to resolve for many workers if they do not have assistance. If you were injured while working in your federal government job, or you have a pre-existing condition that was exacerbated while working, our federal employment lawyers can help you. Call our DC office to schedule a confidential consultation for which you will not be charged and you can share the details of your situation.

Workers Compensation Benefits That Are Available to Federal Employees

One of the questions a DC federal employment lawyer is often asked centers on the nature and amount of benefits for which someone might qualify after suffering a workplace injury. The specifics vary from one person to the next because they are largely based on the nature and severity of the injury or illness incurred. It’s also standard practice for the benefits to be withheld until an approved physician diagnoses the worker’s injury to verify its severity and likely cause. Benefits are administered through the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs under the Department of Labor.

In cases where a federal employee suffers a fatal injury from a workplace accident, their family will be entitled to death benefits. To ensure the family’s right to compensation is protected, it may be in their best interest to seek legal representation from a federal employment lawyer in DC. The Federal Practice Group has successfully helped many families receive the benefits they deserve after needlessly suffering the loss of a loved one. Here are several important points to consider:

  • Injured workers may be eligible to receive their regular pay in addition to workers compensation medical benefits until such time as their physician approves their return to work.
  • Workers who develop an occupational disease after a period of time on the job may be eligible to receive regular pay in addition to workers compensation medical benefits. Occupational diseases and illnesses can be difficult to detect, and therefore are more vulnerable to a denial of benefits. If you have developed carpal tunnel syndrome or another form of a repetitive injury, exposure to toxic or hazardous materials, or excessive noise exposure resulting in hearing loss, contact a federal employment lawyer from our firm. We can help you provide the medical proof needed to establish the validity of your claim. Our network of medical experts can submit the necessary documentation after an examination of your condition.
  • You are entitled to reimbursement of your vehicle mileage or bus fare to and from your medical appointments and pharmacy, as well as for your parking fees.
  • As a federal employee you are entitled to choose your own medical provider. This includes dentist, osteopath, neurologist, clinical psychologist, ophthalmologist, and more.
  • If your workplace injury requires the professional assistance of a home health aide or another individual to assist you with daily household chores or duties that you cannot perform due to your condition, these costs are eligible for reimbursement. A federal employment lawyer can intervene on your behalf if these benefits are denied to you.

If you are a federal employee and were hurt while on the job, contact a federal employment lawyer DC clients recommend from The Federal Practice Group to learn how we can make sure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

“Whistleblowers” are people who report illegal or unethical conduct to prevent it from continuing. They are often seen by the public as heroes without capes. Whistleblowers who use their advantage to protect the public from fraud or other abuses deserve this accolade and are truly important to the protection of America’s government, healthcare, and economic system, just to name a few.

Whistleblowers also, however, need their own protection. Whistleblowers may face public scrutiny, a difficult investigation into their own conduct and personal lives, and may even face termination from their jobs or other forms of workplace retaliation. Many whistleblowers turn to a federal employment lawyer in DC to ensure their rights are protected.

If you are considering joining the ranks of the men and women who have blown the whistle on misconduct, you no doubt have considered the risks you are taking by reporting the unethical or illegal conduct that you have seen. You may be feeling anxiety and stress or may even be considering not saying anything at all to avoid the potentially high cost of being a whistleblower. This is where a compassionate, knowledgeable, and tenacious DC federal employment lawyer from The Federal Practice Group can help.

The federal employment lawyers at The Federal Practice Group specialize in whistleblower law. Whistleblower law is a unique body of law that involves two main areas: (1) helping whistleblowers identify and report unethical or illegal conduct that they have observed, and (2) helping whistleblowers get the protection they need and to which they are entitled under the law so that their lives are as uninterrupted as possible during the whistleblowing process.

Identifying and Reporting. Each DC federal employment lawyer at The Federal Practice Group has extensive experience representing whistleblowers just like you, in cases involving a variety of different whistleblowing laws and scenarios. They can listen to the facts of your claim and help you identify and clarify the violations you observed. Then, they can help you make your report in accordance with the letter of the applicable law. Finally, they know how to file your report so that it gets the attention it deserves and also so that you are able to maintain your privacy to the greatest extent possible.

Protecting. The federal employment lawyers at The Federal Practice Group are also ready to take any legal action necessary to make sure you get the protections to which you are entitled. This may include filing legal actions to prevent unwarranted invasion of your privacy, legal actions to seal the records of your report, or legal actions to sue your employer for wrongful termination or workplace retaliation. It is important that you have an attorney on your side prepared to zealously advocate for your rights and make sure that you maintain your career and your life to the greatest extent possible. Every DC federal employment lawyer at The Federal Practice Group is ready and able to do just that.

If you are considering reporting misconduct of an individual or business, consider consulting first with a federal employment lawyer DC clients trust from The Federal Practice Group. You could use someone on your side with experience in helping whistleblowers like yourself file their reports and protect themselves at the same time. Call today to set up an initial, no obligation appointment.

Common Reasons Federal Employees Require Representation

Federal employees have many rights under the law that are different than those of non-federal employees in the U.S. There are some exceptions, but federal employees also have many of the same basic employment protections as other employees. It is not always clear why federal employers opt to violate the rights of federal employees – whether they be unique rights afforded to this population or basic rights afforded to virtually all American workers. In either case, federal employees often have options to seek legal recourse in the event that they are wrongfully terminated, discriminated against or otherwise have their work-related rights violated. Speaking with an experienced DC federal employment lawyer with The Federal Practice Group can help to provide clarity in these situations.

Federal Employee Discipline

The stated reason that an employee is being disciplined is not always grounded in reality. There are times when an employee is allegedly being disciplined for a legitimate infraction – when in reality, there is discrimination or retaliation occurring. In these situations, an experienced DC federal employment lawyer can help wronged employees seek justice. Common reasons that federal employees face discipline include:

  • Tardiness or absenteeism – This reason is the most frequently given for discipline and termination in the federal government
  • Refusal to accept reassignment – The federal government has given itself broad authority to reassign federal employees to different work locations and different job duties
  • Conflict of interest – Federal employees are required to avoid situations which give the appearance of or are actually compromising their duties in their federal job
  • Failure to maintain condition of employment – If your job requires a security clearance or a special license and you don’t maintain that, your job could be compromised

If your rights are being compromised, a DC federal employment lawyer can help you get past this period in your life. The discrimination, bias, and retaliation you may be facing right now are not warranted (and may be illegal) and you deserve to work with a DC federal employment lawyer who will fight to protect your rights. That’s exactly what our firm does for our clients.


You may think that you deserve the treatment you’re receiving in the workplace. Such thinking arises from placement in a toxic work-related position. You don’t deserve any of this. You do not have to be subjected to harassment or a retaliatory environment at work. If you’re experiencing this type of workplace environment, please contact an experienced DC federal employment lawyer immediately. No one should be subjected to this type of unjustified treatment; we can help.

Fighting for Justice

The Federal Practice Group provides skilled, results-driven representation. Through their thorough and aggressive representation of clients, our attorneys have earned a reputation throughout the legal community as relentless advocates who leave no stone unturned. This passionate, exacting approach yields results for our clients.

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