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Federal Employee EEO Complaint Lawyer DC Federal Employee EEO Complaint Lawyer DC

If you have been a victim of sex discrimination at your work, a federal employee EEO complaint lawyer in DC can help. At The Federal Practice Group, we have been fighting for discriminated employees for years, successfully getting them the justice they deserve. If you would like to talk with one of our seasoned federal employee EEO complaint lawyers, call our DC office today.

Sexual discrimination is the discrimination of an employee on the basis of gender stereotypes or sexual expectations. It can occur in many forms and to either gender.

For years, victims of sex discrimination felt they had no options but to either endure the abuse or quit their job. However, there are both federal and state laws that make sex discrimination in the workplace illegal. Being able to identify what is and isn’t sex discrimination can help you determine the legal steps you may need to take.

A few random comments – while may be inappropriate – may not qualify as sex discrimination. However, a pattern of behavior that reinforces traditional gender roles in the workplace or that consistently holds different standards for women and men is sex discrimination.

As a DC federal employee EEO complaint lawyer may recommend, one of the best ways to prove sex discrimination is to keep a log or diary of each incident or occurrence where you believe you were being discriminated against. Note the date and time, any witnesses to the event, and details of what happened.

Performance Standards

Another type of sex discrimination is when an employer has different performance standards for each job, insisting that only one gender can perform a certain job. For example, if a business will only hire women as customer service representatives, that could be considered sex discrimination against qualified male candidates.

There may be some exceptions to this type of discrimination. One example would be a restroom attendant position. A company could have the right to only hire female attendants to work in their ladies’ rooms and only hire male attendants to work in their men’s rooms.

Unwelcome Sexual Advances

Demands for sexual favors are classified as workplace sex discrimination. It is against the law for an employer to demand any type of sexual favor in return for better hours, a promotion, to keep your job, or any other benefit. This is referred to as quid pro quo harassment.

It is also against the law for an employer or other employee to make unwelcome or lewd comments that are sexual in nature or exhibit any other type of inappropriate behaviors that creates a hostile work environment.

Let a DC Federal Employee EEO Complaint Lawyer Help You

If you have been a victim of workplace sex discrimination, you do not have to go through it alone. The legal team from The Federal Practice Group is available to advocate and assist you with every step of the complaint process, from filing the complaint with your employer, filing a complaint with the government, and proceeding with any other legal action that may be necessary.

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