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Federal Employee Disciplinary Action lawyer DC Federal Employee Disciplinary Action lawyer DC

A federal employee disciplinary action lawyer in DC protects the rights of workers whose rights were violated by their federal employer. Most federal workers share the same rights as other workers in America, with certain exceptions such as those who are active military members or are national security-focused employees. The Federal Practice Group has a firm understanding of the laws that protect federal employees and when their rights have been violated, we work aggressively to get them the justice they deserve.

Common Reasons Given for Disciplinary Action

A DC federal employee disciplinary action lawyer knows very well a federal agency may provide a reason for why they are disciplining or terminating an employee, but it may not be justified. In fact, the burden of proof rests on the agency’s shoulders, and there must be a rational cause for disciplining the employee.

Each federal employee disciplinary action lawyer DC  from our firm has seen many instances when the employee was unfairly targeted for discipline or termination and the provided reasoning was baseless. When we take a client’s case, we make every effort to prove that an agency’s manufactured reason for disciplinary action is not lawful, and we demand fair compensation for the damages our client suffered as a result. In addition to lost wages, that might include compensation for their embarrassment and emotional suffering.

Here are some of the most common reasons given by federal agencies for disciplining or terminating an employee:

  •         The federal employee knowingly entered into a conflict of interest. The agency must prove that the employee did not take any measures to avoid a situation that they knew would compromise them, or might appear to compromise them.
  •         The federal employee exhibited habitual tardiness or unapproved absenteeism. A federal employee disciplinary action lawyer in DC may be able to show that the complaint used unreasonable standards and unfairly targeted the employee.
  •         The federal employee failed to maintain one or more conditions of their employment. For instance, if they must have a clean driving record but they were convicted of driving under the influence. If the employee was terminated as a result, and if they met their conditions in the meantime, their federal employee lawyer may be able to secure them a reinstatement of their position.
  •         The federal employee refused to accept a reassignment. Many employees are subject to being re-assigned a different set of duties or being moved to a different office location.

Federal Probationary Employees

If you are a probationary employee for the federal government, you may be wondering if you have the right to appeal an employment action against you. A federal employee disciplinary action lawyer from The Federal Practice Group can clarify whether or not your circumstances allow it. Generally speaking, the employee can file an appeal if the disciplinary action was based on one or more of the following:

  •         The employee exercised their civil rights.
  •         Political partisanship.
  •         Present or previous military service.
  •         Marital status.

Free Consultation with a DC Federal Employee Disciplinary Action Lawyer

If you were discriminated against in your workplace and you’re a federal employee, protect your rights. The Federal Practice Group fights hard for the justice of our fellow DC community members. Call us to schedule a complimentary case review with our federal employee disciplinary action lawyer DC clients recommend.