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Cross-Disciplinary Discrimination Lawyers in Maryland

The federal employee discrimination lawyers in Maryland at the Federal Practice Group are able to draw cross-disciplinary expertise from the law firm’s complimentary practice groups, which include Federal Government Contracting, Federal Employment Law, Military Law, National Security Law/Security Clearance, International Dispute Resolution, and Appellate Law. As a result, our clients benefit from comprehensive legal representation in all legal actions involving the federal government, no matter the issue, the product or service supplied, or the agency.

At the Federal Practice Group, we specialize in providing a one-stop shop that simplifies complex legal problems regardless of forum, as our attorneys are familiar with federal administrative forums, military tribunals, and federal trial and appellate courts.

How FPG Discrimination Lawyers in Maryland Can Help

If you are a federal employee who has been subjected to an adverse action or discriminated against, the discrimination lawyers in Maryland and beyond at the Federal Practice Group can assist you in protecting your rights and career. Your most vital interests as a federal employee should be left in the hands of the dedicated and experienced federal employment attorneys who grasp the nuances of federal employment law.

Our federal employment discrimination lawyers in Maryland, and throughout the country, regularly represent government employees at all federal agencies, nationwide and overseas, who are in need of legal assistance in matters including EEO complaints before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), adverse action or other appeals before the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), and whistleblower retaliation or other prohibited personnel practice complaints before the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC).

Common Types of Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

A Job Modification is Denied

Most working pregnant women will be required to modify their daily routines and habits. For instance a pregnant woman may need to take frequent breaks more often than she did prior to becoming pregnant. This could require leniency on part of the employer in how many breaks she can take in a single workday. If an employer accommodates non pregnancy related disabilities, but refuses the needs of a pregnant women, it is a type of discrimination. Here, you may need our discrimination lawyers in Maryland (and beyond) to help. Examples of modifications that a pregnant woman may request, or that could be denied may include:

  • Being allowed to sit more at a job that requires standing
  • Brining a water bottle to work
  • Ceasing having to lift heavy options
  • Taking more breaks than usual
  • Being able to take more time off, especially in the third trimester

If a woman is not allowed to modify their working environment for the safety of herself and her growing child, both could face significant health concerns. Sometimes a woman will need to quit her job and go on bed rest in order to protect the unborn child.

A Woman Is Terminated

Women claiming they were terminated because of their pregnancy is the most common complaint of this type of workplace discrimination. An employer might claim the woman was unable to perform her duty as the reason for termination. However, she should be treated as someone who is temporarily disabled or injured. This means that taking vacation time or unpaid leave should be an option.

The Environment Becomes Uncomfortable or Hostile
Sometimes it is not the employer who discriminates against the pregnant women, but rather is an employer. For example, an employee might shame a pregnant coworker on a frequent basis because she is growing bigger. If the employer fails to stop this behavior, it may be harassment.

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Are You Being Discriminated in the Workplace?

Pregnant women do have rights in the workplace and are protected by federal and state laws. If you are a pregnant woman who is being discriminated against at work, you should talk with a federal employment lawyer to learn about your rights and legal options. Contact our discrimination lawyers in Maryland for help.

The Federal Practice Group provides skilled, results-driven representation. Through our thorough and aggressive representation of clients, our attorneys have earned a reputation throughout the legal community as relentless advocates who leave no stone unturned. This passionate, exacting approach yields results for our clients. If you are in need of assistance, contact our federal employee discrimination lawyers in Maryland today.

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