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Contract Termination Lawyer Virginia Contract Termination Lawyer Virginia

Due to any number of reasons, you may have realized that you need the legal services of a contract termination lawyer in Virginia. Our contract termination lawyer at The Federal Practice Group assists individuals and businesses when they wish to terminate a contract or who have received a notice of termination. If you are located in Virginia, contact The Federal Practice Group to learn more about how our contract termination lawyer can help you.

When to Use a Notice of Contract Termination

Under certain circumstances, not only is it helpful for clarification when you submit a notice of contract of termination to an individual or company, it can also protect your legal rights. Sometimes referred to as a contract termination letter or a notice of cancellation of contract, our contract termination lawyer at The Federal Practice Group in Virginia can draft a legally binding notice for your needs.

Common Scenarios for When a Contract Termination Notice is Used

Under virtually any set of circumstances, it may be beneficial to work with a contract termination lawyer in Virginia to make sure that your legal obligations are considered, and your rights are protected. Some of the most common scenarios in which individuals and companies use a notice of contract termination include:

  •         To specify when a contract is being terminated so that the other party is clear regarding when the relationship and obligations will end. Very often such a notice will include the terms of the original agreement, including under what circumstances termination is acceptable.
  •         If the other party did not satisfactorily and fully complete their contractual obligations, a contract termination lawyer can draft a notice that reiterates the terms of the agreement and end the relationship. If the other party breached the original contract, your contract termination lawyer in Virginia can provide guidance as to whether or not this will be sufficient to hold back some or all monies to the other party.
  •         Even if the work or job was completed satisfactorily for all involved, a contract termination notice can be a method to acknowledge this and to encourage future opportunities.
  •         In some cases, if you can obtain the services or goods at a better price from another party, you may wish to sever the relationship with a formal notice written by a contract termination lawyer in Virginia. Similarly, if you no longer have use for the services or goods, it may be wise to do the same thing.

Terminating a Contract

Many contracts terminate naturally when the contract’s specified date of termination passes. In other scenarios, one or both parties will have to initiate an action such as submitting a contract termination letter with the help of a contract termination lawyer in Virginia.

Receiving a Termination of Contract Notice

If you or your company received a contract termination letter from another party with whom you were contracted for goods and/or services, you may have questions about its scope or legality. Our contract termination lawyer in Virginia from The Federal Practice Group is available to review it and provide legal advice should you decide to hire our firm to protect your rights.

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