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Hire a Bid Protest Lawyer Virginia Contractors Recommend

Did you know that sometimes an error is made by an agency or contracting officer which results in an unlawful and inappropriate contract decision? If this happened to you, it may be possible to appeal the decision at the court level. Doing so can come with it’s own set of challenges, of which should be overseen, and handled by a skilled  bid protest lawyer Virginia contractors can rely on.

The Federal Practice Group: Virginia Bid Protest Lawyers Helping Government Contractors

The process of a bid protest and appellate litigation can be complicated, and if done wrong, the mistakes can be extremely costly. To avoid this, choose to have a bid protest lawyer Virginia recommends on your side. We, at The Federal Practice Group represent contractors of all sizes including those who are small business contractors to Department of Defense contractors and everyone in between. If you are seeking to file or intervene in a bid protest, call a Virginia bid protest attorney today.

The Federal Practice Group‘s office is located in Washington DC. We provide superior legal representation that is aggressive, zealous, and complemented with an optimal strategy that yields results. Whether you are the contractor filing an agency bid protest or bid protest intervenors, let us help you.

  • Get a detailed case analysis regarding the legal merits of your bid protest
  • Prevent errors and mistakes from being made that could result in a case dismissal
  • Receive legal advice from experienced attorneys
  • Gain access to legal fees that are competitive and worth your money

Failing to Adhere to the Rules of Agency Bid Protests Could Put You At 80% Chance of Losing

The rules of filing a bid protest are extremely precise. If you do not follow them just so, and within the very strict deadline, you can lose your ability to appeal the decision. Understanding these rules takes ample amounts of time, knowledge, and experience. Due to the deadlines, knowing all of this information, in addition to completing and filing your court documents, might not be possible. By retaining the services of a bid protest lawyer Virginia provides, you can put your mind at ease in knowing your case is in good hands.

Common Legal Disputes Involving Agency Bid Protests

When we litigate at the GAO or Court of Federal Claims, many of our clients have similar legal disputes; some of which include:

  • Agency corrective action
  • Late proposal submission
  • Solicitation defects
  • Certificate of Competency decision
  • Task and delivery order contracts
  • Past performance evaluations
  • Integrity issues
  • Responsibility issues
  • Overly restrictive solicitations
  • Organizational conflict of interest
  • Fraud issues
  • Price realism
  • Reasonableness protests
  • + More

The Value of Hiring a Bid Protest Lawyer Virginia Contractors Recommend

When a government contractor files a protest with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), it is extremely difficult for them to win their case, as a bid protest lawyer Virginia trusts can attest. Of all the bid protests submitted in 2016, the GAO sustained only 22 percent of them. For this reason, the importance of hiring a bid protest lawyer in Virginia cannot be overstated. Our many years of experience at The Federal Practice Group representing government contractors has taught us what the GAO requires and expects from the bid process, and what we must prove on our clients’ behalf for a successful outcome. A bid protest can be an especially frustrating procedure for government contractors who opt to represent themselves rather than draw on the knowledge and experience of a skilled bid protest lawyer in Virginia. The Federal Practice Group can guide your firm through the convoluted legal process and substantially increase the likelihood that your efforts will be fruitful.

It is necessary to show the GAO that the contracting Agency with whom you have a bid conflict, violated procurement law or abused its discretion. This can be very difficult to accomplish. GAO will most often sustain a bid protest when the government contractor and their bid protest lawyer in Virginia make a compelling case for any of the following:

  • The selection process or decision was flawed
  • The technical evaluation was unreasonable
  • The past performance evaluation of the contractor was unreasonable
  • The price or cost evaluation was unreasonable.

The Federal Practice Group and our bid protest lawyer in Virginia can help you provide the necessary information that proves your company was unfairly eliminated from the bid competition. We are often retained to challenge a bidding decision or to pursue a government contractor’s right to file an appeal after receiving an unfavorable decision. Our bid protest lawyer in Virginia is qualified and experienced in protesting bid decisions in the Court of Federal Claims as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Your Right to Become a Protest Intervenor as the Awardee

Our bid protest lawyer in Virginia is available to work with government contractors who desire to exercise their right to be a protest intervenor if they have been awarded a contract but there is a protest. This will allow you to more fully involve yourself in the bid protest. With our guidance and support, you can feel more confident about participating in the process as an intervenor. Our bid protest lawyer in Virginia will also aggressively intervene in the proceedings on your behalf and defend your successful bid award.

GAO Contract Protest Disputes

At the Federal Practice Group, our bid protest lawyer in Virginia can intervene on your behalf in many government contract bid matters, including the following

  • Native American government contracts
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations conflicts of interest
  • Competitive range determination exclusions
  • Improper or unfair agency evaluations of a technical proposal
  • Improper or unfair past performance evaluations

The Federal Practice Group offers help to government contractors who need a skilled bid protest lawyer in Virginia. If you were awarded a federal contract but a competitor filed a bid protest against the agency’s decision, we can help protect your company’s rights. If you were unfairly ruled out of a bid and wish to fight the decision, our bid protest lawyer in Virginia can help you make a case for why that decision should be changed.

We intervene on behalf of small to large government contractors who are forced to enter protest litigation proceedings. Under most circumstances, companies that engage in such legal processes without the aid of a bid protest lawyer in Virginia may not be taken seriously by those who make the final decisions.

Our Bid Protest Lawyer Represents Virginia Contractors

The Federal Practice Group’s bid protest lawyer in Virginia files the necessary documentation to defend against protest litigation. In the process of protecting your company’s rights, we will aggressively fight against baseless allegations and other legal issues. When the award of a significant contract is in jeopardy, it’s critical that your company hire an experienced bid protest lawyer in order to provide the best chance for a positive outcome. Our bid protest lawyer in Virginia offers our clients the following legal services:

  • A thorough and detailed analysis of the bid protest filed in the wake of your contract award.
  • Drafting and filing of all required letters, briefs, and other legal documentation
  • Representation throughout the bid protest process including hearings, depositions, etc.

The Federal Practice Group Can Help You Win a Bid Protest Entitlement

With the help of our bid protest lawyer in Virginia, we can help your company retain the contract it was fairly awarded. We will present the relevant facts, cite case law and legal precedents, and use persuasive arguments to protect your company’s rights.

Government Contract and Government Accountability Office (GAO) Protest Experience

Our bid protest lawyer in Virginia has many years of experience representing companies against whom their bid competitor filed a protest. If your company was awarded a GAO or government contract and have been thwarted by a competitor’s protest, contact us at The Federal Practice Group immediately. We offer companies a free consultation to review the facts of their case with our skilled bid protest lawyer. At the conclusion of that consultation, you will have a clear picture of how we may be able to help your company.

Typical Bid Protest Disputes

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a bid protest to erupt though the company that won did so for all of the right reasons. It can occur under any number of circumstances, and if any of the below describes your circumstances, contact our bid protest lawyer.

  • Solicitation defects
  • Disputes involving the Buy American Act
  • Sole justification contracts
  • Late bids
  • Decisions involving Certificate of Competency
  • Task and delivery order contracts
  • Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Source selection
  • Undisclosed estimates of the government age

If your company was awarded a government contract but a bid protest has been filed, contact our office today. Our bid protest lawyer in Virginia can protect your rights.

The Right Agency Bid Protest Attorneys For Your Case

When you are looking for the right bid protest lawyers in Virginia, you should look for a government contracts law firm that understands the procurements process and can provide you with credible legal advocacy and advice. Our firm has maintained a superb reputation for our ability to handle a broad range of government contract issues, including agency bid protests. The time limit to file a bid protest is short. If you are thinking about pursuing this option, or exploring whether or not it is possible you should consult a bid protest lawyer Virginia trusts as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to speak with a bid protest lawyer Virginia professionals turn to for quality legal services.

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