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Located in Virginia, about four miles from the small town of Triangle, the Marine Corps Base Quantico is a major base for the training of U.S. Marines. It covers approximately 100 square miles, or 1,025 acres and is under the command of Colonel Daniel J. Choike. Portions of the base are in Prince William County, Stafford County, and Fauquier County and it has earned the nickname "Crossroads of the Marine Corps." There are approximately 12,000 people on the base, including both military and civilians, and the base has a budget of roughly $300 million. Both the Corps Combat Development Command and the Marine Corps Officer Candidates School is located at this base, as is the Marine Corps Brig, a military prison. Other agencies besides the Marines use this facility. The FBI Academy is located here as is the training facility for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Due to the rich history of this base, there are several areas which make up the Quantico Marine Corps Base Historic District. The base procured its name because of the fact that it lies so close to the Potomac River. The word comes from the Native American word for "by the large stream." Before the area was a military base, it was a part of the Town of Quantico. In 1917, the Marine Barracks, Quantico was established. During World War I, thousands of men were trained before going to war. MCB Quantico is known as being the location where the Marines had their first Aircraft Wing and their first helicopter squadron. In the thirties, they also developed amphibious landing crafts and the Amphibious Warfare Doctrine here.


There are numerous different Marine units which are based at Marine Corps Base Quantico. The Marine Corps Embassy Security Group is a unit of Marines whose responsibility it is to protect U.S. Embassies, as well as consulates and other government offices abroad. They work in allegiance with the Department of State and are crucial in keeping U.S. citizens safe overseas. The Marine Corps Combat Development Command is also located there and their mission is to help train Marines in combat. This includes leadership, education, training, organization, and more. The Warfighting Laboratory was established there in 1995 and was originally known as the Commandant's Warfighting Laboratory. It is under the Marine Corps Combat Development Command and is dedicated to improving the warfare capabilities. The Marine Corps Recruiting Command is located at the base and is in charge of recruiting civilians to join the U.S. Marines.

Crimes committed on military bases or by members of the military need to be taken very seriously. If you are a member of the military or were accused of committing a crime while on a military base like MCB Quantico, you need a legal representative who has experience in both criminal law and military law. The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service is a military criminal defense law firm which is able to help members of the Armed Forces across the world. If you or a loved one was accused of assault, DUI, murder, a drug crime, unexcused absence, or a war crime, we could help you. We have been able to successfully handle these types of cases and understand how the Uniform Code of Military Justice comes into play. If you want to discuss your case with our team, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our office. Who you choose to defend you could make all the difference in the outcome of our case.


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