Professional Credentialing & Licensure

Millions of people working across the United States are required by law to hold current professional licenses in order to practice in a specific industry. These professionals depend upon their credentials in order to work and maintain their livelihood. Our professional credentialing attorneys have extensive experience representing lawyers, doctors, dentists, and other professionals under investigation by licensing boards and regulatory agencies, facing proposed suspensions, denials or revocations, and on appeal. At The Federal Practice Group, our attorneys understand the significance of providing sound legal advice through an extremely difficult time in one’s professional career. Our primary goal is to achieve expedient resolution while maintaining our clients’ professional reputation within the communities they live and work.

Professional Liability Defense

When professionals are at risk in litigation, The Federal Practice Group has a handpicked team of litigation attorneys who understand the unique challenges and complex issues presented by professional liability claims. Our professional liability defense attorneys have extensive experience defending professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, dentists, directors and officers, and other professionals against malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, and other claims in state and federal courts.

At the Federal Practice Group, our attorneys not only possess the skilled legal knowledge required to defend a professional liability case, but also understand the value of a professional reputation. Whether our clients desire to defend the claims at trial or reach a favorable negotiated settlement, our attorneys have the litigation skills, business acumen and industry knowledge to execute a path to resolution in a discrete, aggressive and cost-efficient manner.

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