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Litigation Attorneys

Skilled, Aggressive, Result-Driven Representation

Our litigation practice is comprised of attorneys who have dedicated their entire careers to zealous advocacy of clients engaged in civil, criminal, corporate and international disputes. The experienced litigators at our firm have earned a reputation for skilled, aggressive and results-driven representation of clients involved in complex, high stakes cases. The firm is committed to bringing value to our clients by offering creative, timely and strategic advice. We work one-on-one with our clients to develop litigation strategies that meet both our clients’ goals and budget. Our attorneys then implement these strategies with extreme care and precision. Our goal is to achieve the most favorable results for our clients, whether achieved through settlement, at trial or on appeal.


The Federal Practice Group has assembled a team of internationally recognized trial attorneys who bring to the table a broad range of litigation experience from their prior roles as Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA), Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys, and government prosecutors. Our attorneys know the courts and the regulatory agencies, and understand how government prosecutors and opposing counsel think. This inside knowledge allows our litigation attorneys to develop a tailor-made strategy based on the anticipated tactics and theories of opposing counsel. The result is a proactive, thorough and analytical approach to litigation.

In addition, our attorneys represent private individuals, known as “relators,” in qui tam/false claims act lawsuits against companies and persons who commit fraud against the government.


Our number one priority is creating relationships that will endure. One of the many ways we create lasting relationships is by offering our clients valuable legal services. The Federal Practice Group has been an innovator in developing new ways of pricing legal services to promote greater accountability, predictability, and efficiency. Our firm is proud to offer competitive rates and also a wide variety of alternative fee arrangements to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual client. Whether faced with a complex matter or a routine transaction, our attorneys provide each client with a cost-benefit based solution that fits both their expectations and budget.

We are also dedicated to efficient, streamlined litigation. Our litigation attorneys routinely partner with senior associates, associates, professional staff, and recognized subject matter experts to achieve the best result for our clients at the most economical price. At The Federal Practice Group, we fight smarter and harder and provide exceptional competency without the big law firm price.


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