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International Government Contracting

Internationally Recognized Trial Attorneys

The Federal Practice Group has a team of internationally-recognized practitioners who are ready to service your legal needs anywhere in the world. Our services cover the gamut of international concerns, including the support of government contractors who perform services in support of federal overseas operations and who market services to foreign governments. In addition to advising contractors on issues affecting all international companies such as foreign ownership, control or influence (FOCI), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), Foreign Military Sales, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), we advise government contractors on the special requirements for federal procurement's, including the Trade Agreements Act, Buy America Act and Berry Amendment. Our skilled government contract attorneys also assist clients with obtaining the appropriate approvals and licenses necessary for transactions and develop training programs that allow the contractor to proactively ensure compliance. Having represented numerous clients all over the world, we are confident in our ability to assist you to succeed in your business endeavors.

Construction and Fuel

The Federal Practice Group's government contracts attorneys are experienced in dealing with the complete range of legal issues that can occur throughout the procurement process of government-funded construction projects and fuel-based contracts. The Federal Practice Group's government contract attorneys assist and advise both small and large contractors venturing into construction and fuel supply and delivery for the first time, as well as experienced contractors looking for assistance in understanding newly enacted statutes and regulations applicable to both areas of federal procurement.

The FPG team includes seasoned government contracts lawyers, as well as non-attorney government compliance professionals and cost-accounting experts for the purposes of assisting clients in bulk fuel procurements and helping clients understand the broad range of fueling delivery modes required by the different government agencies.  The FPG government contract team of attorneys also assists clients on general construction matters to help clients manage and avoid practical operating, and legal problems often encountered in the U.S. Government construction process.

FPG has a history of achieving positive results for clients in various venues in which government contract controversies arise, particularly in disputes involving the supply or delivery of petroleum, oil, and lubricants (POL) items to agencies in operational environments.  FPG has also successfully negotiated, defended, and prosecuted construction-related claims under the Contract Disputes Act before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, as well as the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals.

Cross-Border Transactions

The Federal Practice Group's international practice is ever-growing and specializes in advising on U.S. government procurement opportunities in international markets, as well as establishing foreign government partnerships abroad. The FPG team of government contract lawyers routinely works with clients across country borders on corporate transactions, compliance, and regulatory and investigatory matters.

Being headquartered in Washington, D.C. allows FPG to provide its clients with access to those facilitating and implementing policies affecting foreign participation while maintaining productive relationships with foreign partners. FPG works tirelessly to ensure its clients gain access to international markets and assists clients in navigating complex international laws and rules that can often prevent or deter companies from performing work on the international stage.

The FPG team has not only assisted clients in internal investigations abroad, but has also represented various companies in complex international contracting disputes, navigated suspension and debarment programs abroad, and advised various middle eastern logistics companies on import/export regulations associated with federal government procurement outside the United States.  FPG is well-versed in providing considered guidance when it comes to clients complying with international anti-corruption laws and regulations, as well as business operating controls and licensing on a global level.

Telecommunications-Based Procurement

At the Federal Practice Group, headquartered in Washington, D.C., our government contract attorneys understand the intricacies of providing systems of electronic communications and broadcasting to the U.S. government. As this area of procurement law continues to expand and become more competitive, our attorneys work diligently to keep up with the numerous regulatory changes that happen on a daily basis in the telecommunications sector.

FPG represents clients ranging in size from small to large international telecommunication contractors that seek assistance on diverse procurement issues, international transactions, subcontract negotiation, and reseller and service agreements.  Disputes over lack of service and change in service providers are common, and as acting counsel to various global services providers, FPG has vast experience in resolving and/or rectifying such disputes in favor of its clients. Our experienced attorneys understand what it takes to ensure clients' government-funded contracts are properly drafted and negotiated to sufficiently protect their business interests and minimize exposure in the future.

The government contracts attorneys at the Federal Practice Group have successfully represented telecommunication clients challenging unreasonable contract administrative decisions before the GAO, various procuring agencies, and the Court of Federal Claims.

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