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If you are interested in foreign investment in the United States, an international lawyer can help you to navigate the complex process involved and work to protect your interests throughout. Investment, business, and corporate law all differ greatly from country to country and having legal counsel that is familiar with those of that of the United States is vital to make intelligent investments. International law defines certain regulations that must be followed, restrictions that must be addressed creatively as needed, and opportunities that may be missed if they remain unknown.

The legal team at The Federal Practice Group will take the time to answer your questions and explain the legal issues surrounding your potential investment. We can advise as to your options for approaching the investment and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Our knowledge also covers the acquisition of property and how the title may be held in the most intelligent and tax-advisable way. We can assist with any related contracts and can offer foreign corporation representation in the U.S. and abroad. As needed, we consult with appraisers and other professionals to ensure you have the information you need and we work with clients nationwide and worldwide.


Whether you are considering a particular investment or need assistance finding an investment that satisfies your needs, we can help. Our firm can provide a comprehensive appraisal of potential investments and help you make strategic decisions about your future. Unlike certain agents that involved in the investment process, we have no vested financial interest in your transactions so are able to give objective and trustworthy advice. If your investment goals require you to be further established with your own business and in the United States, we can guide you in matters of business development as well as immigration/naturalization.

Contact an international attorney for guidance regarding foreign investment in the United States.


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