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Businesses that are active in the worldwide marketplace often become involved in disputes that go to court. If your business has received an unsatisfactory ruling in a United States district court, you may be able to appeal the ruling in a United States court of appeals, also known as a circuit court. A court of appeals does not hold trials or decide on factual matters. Rather, they receive applications for appeal on trials conducted in courts in their jurisdiction, reviewing the trail for legal errors that may render the ruling void and null. If an error was made by the lower court which prejudiced the case against your business, the ruling may be overturned by a court of appeals.

Rules of appellate courts nationwide are different from trial courts and it takes a special expertise to fully understand the nuances of the appeals process. When the appeal involves matters of international trade or other factors in international law, it becomes vital to seek the representation of an experienced international attorney. After a thorough investigation of the trial for any legal errors, your attorney must write a persuasive brief which summarizes those mistakes and points out the applicable laws, making an effective argument for appeal.


The Federal Practice Group is a legal team composed of attorneys with extensive experience. They have full understanding of what is required to make an effective appeal in Federal cases. If your business has received an unacceptable ruling and you wish to seek an appeal, the attorneys at the firm are ready to meet with you for a review of the case to determine whether you may be able to file for an appeal and educate you on the process for the local circuit court.

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