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Today's economic climate encourages expansion into foreign markets, where opportunities for growth abound. At the same time, business and corporate law grows more and more complex every day as the rules and regulations governing trade and business development in other countries continue to multiply. If your business is seeking to incorporate in another country or to establish a joint venture agreement with an existing company abroad, the rewards for doing so may be great, provided that you find a way to operate within the confines of U.S law as well as the laws of the other country. Complex issues arise that you may not be prepared to address. Trade barriers and legal differences across national boundaries can lead to unwelcome surprises in the form of fines, loss of capital and squandered opportunity.

A knowledgeable and aggressive international attorney can help you avoid unnecessary entanglements and resolve international disputes. With proper legal guidance, you can establish a valid corporation in another country, the structure of which will be in compliance with local laws. Further, it is important to be able to enforce contracts and lawsuit judgments in the other country, which can be difficult without an understanding of the courts and legal system of that country. Foreign asset control can also be a problem for businesses conducting operations abroad. If you work with the right legal team you will be prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities of the global marketplace.


The Federal Practice Group has many years of experience providing general counsel services to businesses and corporations engaged in worldwide economic activity. They are prepared to draft contracts that will be valid according to local laws in both countries, as well as helping you and your company understand and comply with the rules governing international sales transactions and incorporation. Arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution are additional services available to assist you. The firm can help you find your way through the complexities of international and corporate law in order to reap the rewards of doing business abroad.

Contact an international attorney for guidance in matters of business and corporate law involving foreign countries.


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