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International disputes and foreign corporate representation are complex issues, often involving multiple applicable laws, treaties, language barriers and cultural differences. At the Federal Practice Group, our attorneys are skilled advocates trained in civil, criminal and international law. Our team has extensive experience advising foreign companies on corporate law and general business governance matters, as well as representing both foreign and domestic companies involved in cross-border disputes in a variety of forums and languages. We also routinely represent U.S. and foreign individuals involved in multi-jurisdictional disputes and litigation. Our international attorneys approach each client’s need from a global perspective and leverage their international network of relationships to solve problems and engage in zealous advocacy. Whether you need assistance with an international business transaction, international arbitration, or international litigation, our experienced attorneys have the legal knowledge, litigation experience, and business acumen to roadmap a cost-effective and expedient path to resolution.


Our attorneys pride themselves not only on their superior legal and business knowledge but also on their deep understanding of cultural traditions and differences acquired from years of traveling abroad. Many of our attorneys and professionals have lived in countries outside of the United States and speak multiple languages. This unique skill set allows our firm to offer legal services tailored to the specific needs of the client, the culture, and the surrounding legal community.


Our firm has developed lasting relationships with international affiliates all over the world, including Canada, Afghanistan, and Qatar. In addition to our international affiliates, we also have a worldwide network of trusted colleagues to call on should your matter require local counsel in other overseas locations.


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