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EB-1(3): Multinational Executives and Managers

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The attorneys at Federal Practice Group represent those who wish to apply for various types of visas. If you are interested in applying for a Multinational Executives and Managers visa may find the information below.

Your employer may be able to petition for your EB-1(3) visa if you have been recently employed by an American firm or corporation. Please note that the employee must have been employed abroad for at least one of the last three years before entering into valid non-immigrant status.

You must continue to render services to the same employer, or to an affiliate thereof if you wish to apply. Your position must be either managerial or executive upon entering the United States.

If you feel that you meet the requirements listed above or have any questions regarding your qualifications, our legal team is standing by. Reach out to the Federal Practice Group to schedule a consultation to discuss your next step.


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