Appellate Law

Nearly every legal decision carries with it the possibility of an appeal. Our appellate practice attorneys are seasoned litigators who bring to the table a keen ability to identify issues and zealously advocate on your behalf. At The Federal Practice Group, our attorneys work tirelessly to ensure all aspects of your case are thoroughly analyzed. Our team then implements extreme precision to carefully draft an appellate brief that educates the court or administrative body about why the lower court or agency decision should be overturned or affirmed. If granted the opportunity for oral argument, our attorneys are experienced in making concise and persuasive presentations to illustrate why appellate court intervention is necessary or improper.

At The Federal Practice Group, our appellate attorneys understand the delicacy involved in the appeals process. Whether you are appealing a civil matter, a final agency decision, a military court-martial conviction, the denial of a request to correct military records, or defending a favorable lower court decision being appealed by the government or a private party, our experienced attorneys will utilize their background knowledge in these legal areas to prepare you for the appellate process and advocate for your interests.