Reasons to Choose The Federal Practice Group

Elite Defense & Advocacy

The legal team at The Federal Practice Group offers experienced and informed legal counsel worldwide. The firm is known for dedicated, affordable, and effective representation in federal and international legal matters. There is no reason to hesitate before pursuing the legal perspective and advice you need. If you are dealing with a challenging legal matter, discuss the issue with a member of the renowned team at The Federal Practice Group.

What sets the firm apart?

Other law firms may have experience in litigation, but this experience is often insufficient when it comes to practice areas requiring specific expertise such as federal employment law, immigration, government contracting, military criminal defense, white collar criminal defense, and international matters. The Federal Practice Group can provide nuanced, professional support for:

  • Federal Employment Law
  • Government Contracting
  • Immigration Law
  • Military Criminal Defense
  • White Collar Criminal Defense
  • International cases

Clients can expect the greatest possible cost-benefit solution to their issues when they work with the team at The Federal Practice Group. An internationally known group of federal practitioners, the team is ready to offer elite support for legal issues that surpass the realm or scope of most law firms. Whether your business interests, your military reputation, or your rights as a federal employee are at stake, the team is available to advocate for you. Choose a law firm that is dedicated to nurturing client-attorney relationships and be treated like an individual.


Many different issues can arise in the broad field of United States federal law, ranging from federal employee regulations, international commerce, and military criminal justice. In an increasingly globalized society, affairs involving international law are becoming more and more common.

Choose a powerful defense that is up to the challenge of safeguarding your best interests and solving your problems in this global market.

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