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A Commitment to Client Service

Here at the Federal Practice Group we strive to provide each client with the very best legal defense possible. The firm is known for dedicated, affordable, and effective representation. We partner with our clients throughout the course of a given matter, helping them understand the potential advantages and disadvantages of each course of action in their case. We are grateful to our clients for taking the time to provide insight into their experience with our firm.

"I am very grateful for the professional representation provided by the entire Federal Practice Group Team.  Their hard work and compassion throughout a very difficult ordeal and rather dark time for me professionally made all the difference.  Joanna Friedman and Sarah McKinin worked diligently to get the best possible outcome for me.  They were straightforward and direct during the process.  Things were very difficult at times, they were reassuring and available when I had questions about deadlines and in preparation for hearings and depositions.  I would recommend them and FPG to anyone that feels they have been subjected to discrimination or maltreatment in the federal work place."


"Carol Thompson and the FPG team are highly knowledgeable and incredibly capable. I appreciated the quality and professionalism of FPG’s service. I cannot say how highly knowledgeable and incredibly capable they are. I can categorically state that if your in need of highly effective counsel the FPG team should be your first choice, particularly in the world of Defense Law. You can’t afford to compromise on experience and knowledge. Again thank you so much for the quality assistance, your value to your client is almost impossible to calculate as it also includes piece of mind."


"My attorney was Joanna Friedman. I cannot thank her enough for the outstanding and professional legal representation I received during my EEO case in September 2019. She worked diligently and expeditiously to resolve my case within a short period of time, and the outcome was very satisfying. I could not have handled the case without her guidance and professional assistance. Thank you, once again, Ms. Joanna Friedman. I would recommend you, and the Federal Practice Group team to anyone seeking legal assistance."


"Debra and her team are experts in their field. They put my mind at ease and pursued all legal avenues. They included me in the process and treated me as a knowledgeable and valuable part of the case. Their efforts paid off as we got the outcome I had hoped for, which resulted in preserving my work reputation and my ability to apply for future jobs. I am truly indebted to them."


"After being fired from my federal job I had a lot of questions. Debra and her team were always available to answer questions and gave me their best recommendation on who to bring in for deposition, and who should be the witnesses for the trial, etc. They also used their paralegals in the areas that saved me money. During the trial, Monica blew the Navy's lawyer out of the water! Every witness the Navy brought forth, proved OUR point and ultimately the judge found in my favor."


"Words cannot express how thankful I am for Ricardo J.A. Pitts-Wiley and Debra D'Agostino's help with dealing with discrimination and whistleblower retaliation that I faced as a federal government employee. It was a very difficult time in my life and was negatively impacting my family. Not to mention, I was at the lowest point in my 18 year career with the government. Thanks to Ricardo's expert advice and positive outlook I was able to recover from a long period of being degraded, harassed, and attacked. Anyone who is looking for a professional, caring, knowledgeable attorney that has experience working with the federal government should request Ricardo or the Federal Practice Group's help."


"When you realize you are being sued by the United States it can be an overwhelming feeling. However, after discussing my case with Eric, I felt much better about what could be done on my behalf. While the case was complex, he did a great job negotiating with the government for a settlement that I was very satisfied with."


"I immediately contacted Eric Montalvo after finding false allegations against me could lead to a Court Martial and the end of my military career. He brought Carol Thompson on board and the two of them did a phenomenal job prepping for the Article 32. At the hearing Carol’s prep work on the witnesses was outstanding and she proved the allegations against me were false. Eric and Carol’s efforts proved there was no probable cause so in addition to all charges being dismissed, the initial arrest became invalid so my criminal record and finger prints at the NCIS and FBI NCIC level were expunged. Eric and Carol gave me my life back."

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