Eric Montalvo Discusses Release of Photos By Pentagon

Posted By fedpractice || 12-Feb-2016

On February 5, 2016, the Department of Defense agreed to release nearly 200 photographs to the public. These images show the abuse of Afghani and Iraqi prisoners by U.S. military personnel. In a recent feature on Russian TV, our own founding partner Eric Montalvo discusses the impact these photographs may have.


In the Russian TV feature, Attorney Montalvo mentions that the photos can certainly have a big effect on deployed forces. Specifically, the release of these images could spark unpredictable reactions by various groups throughout the world. As we have seen in recent cases of alleged police brutality and domestic violence in the U.S., powerful photographs can certainly lead to public attention and action.

However, the release of these images may serve as a reflection point and be considered a “necessary evil;” triggering a conversation about what the military must improve upon, and how they can better train troops to avoid these mistakes in the future. The photographs may serve to hold people accountable for such decisions, which could be a positive step toward change.

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