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A work permit gives a foreigner the right to obtain temporary employment within the United States of America. Contrary to popular belief, a work permit is not a one size fits all type of arrangement. Rather, it is inherently unique which is why a work visa lawyer in Washington DC should be sought for assistance. 

Filing for a work visa in the U.S. includes unique steps and various criteria that must be met. These things, as well as other finite details, can be best handled by a leading Washington DC work visa lawyer such as The Federal Practice Group

How to Get a US Work Permit 

In general a work permit is granted to a person who has been given the temporary right to stay and live in the U.S. or who are applying for a green card. There are a number of categories that qualify for a work visa, and these can be explained by a work visa lawyer in Washington DC. 

Important Things You Should Know About

  • You must apply and be approved for a U.S. work permit before you can legally work
  • A work permit is valid for only a specified period of time
  • Only when certain circumstances arise can you extend the work permit
  • You cannot automatically get a green card because you have a work visa
  • It is prudent to file well in advance for a work permit extension

When you apply for a work permit, you naturally should want the most accurate and reliable guidance. As a work visa lawyer in Washington DC, we, at The Federal Practice Group, can help you to achieve your goals. 

The Federal Practice Group: A Work Visa Lawyer Washington DC

It must be understood that a work permit is not the same as a visa. A work permit is a card that must be applied for, and at the same time, other documentation should be applied for and processed. 

For example, you might be waiting for an application for a green card, or some kind of removal to take effect. Until a case like this has been resolved, you are unable to legally work in the United States. The only way to get around this is to apply for a work permit. As a work visa lawyer in Washington DC might explain to you:

  • You must apply for a work permit
  • You must be approved for one before you can legally work
  • In general, a work permit is valid for one year
  • This can be extended in only certain circumstances

The Federal Practice Group can help you to explore what your best options may be and guide you through the entire legal process. It must be understood that a nonimmigrant visa is not the same as a work permit. Non immigrant visas do allow people to work, study, or visit the U.S. for a temporary period of time. Many of these visas also require sponsorship. Popular nonimmigrant visas include:

  • H-1B Visas
  • L-1 Visas
  • F-1 Visas
  • E- Visas
  • B-1/B-2 Visas
  • K-1 Visas
  • J-1 Visas
  • + More

All of these visas have their own rules and guidelines. Some do allow the applicant to work, and others only allow training or study. It is very important to understand what is allowed with your visa and what is not. If you are absolutely sure that you need, or want, to be working in the U.S., you should speak with a work visa lawyer in Washington DC. 

A Knowledgeable Visa Can Help You

The Federal Practice Group is a legal immigration lawyer DC has to offer. Our firm is well versed in all aspects of immigration law, including family-related matters, deportation cases, asylum, business issues, and more. In our many years of experience, we have handled thousands of work permit cases, citizenship, green cards, nonimmigrant visas, and more. 

You cannot accept any kind of unemployment in the United States without an approved, and valid, work visa (or a certain nonimmigrant visa). A work visa lawyer in Washington DC may be able to help you.