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MSPB Appeals Attorney- wooden gavelAs a federal employee, there is a certain obligation that you have to do your job efficiently and be honest that your job and you be courteous while doing a job. Furthermore, the federal government has an obligation to ensure that personnel is balanced by its employees, the agencies that employ them in the public they serve because as a government agency you are indeed serving the United States public.

Therefore sometimes the government has to take personnel actions that are going to adversely affect its employees and when it does so it has to ensure that those employees are going to be protected from arbitrary or unfair treatment.

So let’s talk about the United States Merit Systems Protection Board.

What is the US Merit Systems Protection Board? 

The Merit Systems Protection Board is an independent agency within the executive branch of the federal government. This is considered to be a quasijudicial agency, that is going to service the guardian of all federal merit systems, and this board is composed of three members who are going to be appointed by the president and confirmed in by the Senate. They are going to serve nonrenewable terms, and cannot overlap, and these terms last for seven years. This particular federal agency board is considered to be bipartisan which means that no more than two of its three members can be from the same political party..

Where’s the board located?

It is located in DC.

What are the MSPB’s responsibilities?

Think of this board like the government’s HR department. Officials are going to be tasked with investigations of any wrongdoing and allegations of wrongdoing, they are going to be given the task of taking action for federal employees that have violated processes important to the federal government. They are going to ensure that all procedural processes are fair and hearing is fair, and the other civil service regulations are fair.

Is there a timeline on filing an MSPB appeal?

You can ask your MSPB appeals attorney such as the ones available at The Federal Practice Group, about the statute of limitations if any on filing an appeal with this board. Typically there are deadlines for initiating an appeal, most often this deadline is to be done up to 30 days after the adverse action was taken by the employer at hand. 

What should I include in my pill documentation?

Your MSPB appeals attorney is going to be able to help you put together your documentation and will, and this is important because if your paperwork is not put together in full you might not get a successful notification of intent and you might not get the appeal. You’re going to need to submit a notification that you intend to take action for the action that your federal employer has acted out against you, you’re going to have to complete an appeals form that requires your name, address, and the basic foundation of the complaint. Your MSPB appeals attorney is going to make sure that you understand you should not be including evidence that you have in your possession when you are filing an appeal because you can harm your interest by offering too much at the wrong time.