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If you’re in the military you might be wondering why you need a civilian defense attorney, because they do give you the judge’s advocate. Let’s talk about all the reasons you might need a military attorney in Fort Hood such as the ones available at The Federal Practice Group.


You might encounter an inexperienced and uninformed judge advocate, they might even be right out of law school which means they have no experience at all. Because they have little to no experience as a practicing lawyer in military law, they are going to be detailed to people that the military and government believe are responsible for misconduct. Experience does not matter in this instance.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a civilian-military attorney in Fort Hood, there are many reasons to do so, especially if you were worried about misconduct being misconstrued or misrepresented by an inexperienced JAG. You might want a civilian defense attorney if you are worried about command having an influence over your JAG because the command does not have any hold over a civilian. There is also the increased likelihood of the military attorney in Fort Hood working with you to negotiate a client-friendly plea, furthermore, your JAG was assigned your case may still be on your case but they will be working alongside a civilian defense attorney which allows them to get some experience in helping someone.


The cost of services is going to depend on a host of variables that are different for every single person and every single case, so even if you’ve used the same military attorney in Fort Hood you might find yourself paying more or finding yourself less depending upon what you are bringing to the court. The more time and effort is needed to be effectively defended, the more complex and serious the charges, then the more they are going to charge you. An example of an extremely complex case that a civilian military attorney and for Hood might take is if the service member is accused of assaulting three females, who may be facing 20 separate charges or specifications at a general court-martial it’s going to require effort and time on the part of their defense.


This is a very common concern because you might do your command, you may be worried that if your command finds out you are consulting someone off base you will get in trouble. However, you cannot get in trouble for consulting somebody but a case that pertains to you. You have a right to counsel, you have a right to choose that counsel, furthermore your military attorney and for what is going to practice discrimination and discretion, they are not going to communicate with commands beyond the requirements of the proceedings themselves or beyond what permission you allow.

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