Eric Montalvo and Carol Thompson saved my military career

Posted By fedpractice || 2-Dec-2015

I immediately contacted Eric Montalvo after finding out some false allegations against me could lead to a Court Martial and the end of my military career. He brought Carol Thompson on board and the two of them did a phenomenal job prepping for the Article 32. I was originally told by someone else to waive the Article 32 and go to the Court Martial. Eric advised me on the pros and cons of the 32 process and strongly suggested that in my case going to the 32 was the best option. At the hearing Carol’s prep work on the witnesses was outstanding and she proved the allegations against me were false. We came in with hundreds of documents and over 20 exhibits and for what the government thought would be a 20-minute rubber stamp hearing took six hours. Eric and Carol’s efforts proved there was no probable cause so in addition to all charges being dismissed the initial arrest became invalid so my criminal record and finger prints at the NCIS and FBI NCIC level were expunged. Eric and Carol gave me my life back and if anyone is trying to decide whether or not to hire The Federal Practice Group I would be happy to speak with them.