Eric Montalvo and Carol Thompson said they would take care of me and they did!

Posted By fedpractice || 6-Jul-2016

At a time when we were out-of-the-country and it was extremely difficult to not only locate but reach appropriate help, I’ll never forget how much relief we felt hearing Eric Montalvo say he and his team would take care of us. Ultimately, Carol Thompson took over the case and we couldn’t be more pleased with the level of professionalism and care she took. What led to the best outcome in a terrible circumstance was her comprehensive, yet concise, and well-researched rebuttal that resulted in the government members backing off after they were advised by their own legal counsel that they didn’t have a case. Ms. Thompson was incredibly patient and supportive in listening and being with us over the many months it took for the entire process to unravel. It was a trying time and we are forever appreciative of the Federal Practice Group’s help during that period. Thank you Carol and all the best to you and Eric!!! 🙂