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The U.S. is well known for its colleges and universities. From all around the globe, people travel to the country to earn a degree from one of many different academic institutions. For these students who wish to study, they will need to obtain a visa first. The types of visa will largely depend on the school and course of study. 

If you are interested in studying in the United States, you should have an effective student visa lawyer Washington DC trusts on your side. At The Federal Practice Group, we can help you through the entire student visa process. We are an experienced firm able to handle immigration matters of all complexities. Although the process might seem relatively simple, there are several factors that can affect your eligibility and ability to obtain a student visa in the United States. As an immigration lawyer Washington DC has to offer, we encourage you to call The Federal Practice Group to learn more about your options.

U.S. Student Lawyer

An international student who wishes to study in the U.S. must first obtain a F visa. This visa is held within the nonimmigrant category of visas and was specifically designed for international students. 

The visa generally allows you to enter into the United States as a full time academic student. The school you choose must be an accredited university, college, seminary, high school, elementary school, language school, or other academic institutions. You must be enrolled in a study that will culminate in a degree, certification, or diploma. Finally, the school must not only be accredited, but also authorized by the US government to accept students from abroad. If you don’t know whether these things apply, please consult the prospective school and then call a Washington DC student visa lawyer. 

Eligibility and Application 

In order to be eligible for an F visa, you will need to apply and be accepted by an approved. As soon as you have proof of this, you can begin to apply for the visa with the help of a student visa lawyer in Washington DC. The request may involve the need to visit your nearest embassy or consulate; this will be dependent upon your circumstances. In addition to the F visa, there are two other student visas: the B visa, which is for short stays of recreational studies, and the M visa, which is for vocational and non academic institutions. 

Your Visa Interview

As an applicant you may be required to schedule and attend an interview. Your student visa lawyer in Washington DC can guide you through the process, so you know what to expect. You may also need documents including:

  • A valid passport
  • 2 passport photos
  • A DS-160 form and confirmation page
  • A certificate of eligibility
  • A receipt for your application fee
  • Academic documents (i.e. certificate, diploma, etc.)

You might also be asked about your intention to leave after the school has finished, how you will pay for your schooling and other related costs, and more. 

Call The Federal Practice Group

If you would like to study in the United States, you should hire a student visa lawyer in Washington DC who can guide you through the process. Although you might have been accepted to a school, there are many more steps to take before you can actually arrive in the US. Call The Federal Practice Group now.