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Security Clearance Lawyer DC Security Clearance Lawyer DC

DC security clearance lawyers from The Federal Practice Group have been representing current and retired members of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard for a number of years. We are honored to defend those who have defended our nation.

Our security clearance lawyers form DC are proficient in many areas of military law.

  • Courts-martial – We represent clients during the investigation and all proceedings related to the courts-martial, up to and including appeal.
  • Military record correction Do you have a mistake on your military record? We can help you fix it so you can keep your dignity and reputation.
  • Administrative discharge hearing If you are leaving the military, a DC security clearance lawyer can help you make sure you receive an honorable discharge from military service.
  • Security clearance Security clearances are important to military and government personnel. Security clearance lawyers from DC have helped defend military and government clients, and helped them retain or reinstate their security clearance.
  • Physical Evaluation Board When the Physical Evaluation Board determines a military service member is not physically capable of service, that individual may be on their way out of the military. DC security clearance lawyers at The Federal Practice Group aims to help our clients prove their true physical fitness for admission into the military, for promotions within the military, and for eligibility for long term benefits.
  • Military command investigations Many military personnel find themselves the subject of investigations. Some of these can be serious and potentially career ending. We defend these military service members with vigor helping them retain their position within the military as well as their dignity and honor.
  • Personal injury A security clearance lawyer DC clients trust can help current and former military service members get compensation for personal injuries sustained as a result of negligence of the military, and the government.

You have served your country. Let The Federal Practice Group return the favor and shield you from the military issues you’re currently facing.

As you’re aware, the military does not take discharge, clearances, or investigations lightly. You should not attempt to defend yourself in these matters. Many clients have retained a DC security clearance lawyer after they have attempted to defend themselves against the military. Often, their biggest regret is that they did not hire a lawyer from the beginning. Delaying the retention of a DC security clearance lawyer will not only prolong the legal battle, but make it more costly.

Make sure you do your due diligence before you hire a security clearance lawyer from DC. The military has its own set of rules and its own court. Not just any lawyer can adequately represent your needs. You need a lawyer who has experience in military court and with military judges. If the military has set its sights on you, a battle may ensue. You deserve a a DC security clearance lawyer who will do everything in their power to defend you. That’s why you need to contact The Federal Practice Group.

The Federal Practice Group has been trusted by military personnel to help them defend their reputation. Let us show you why our clients trust us. Contact us today for your no obligation consultation with our experienced security clearance lawyers in DC.