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Security Clearance Lawyer DC Security Clearance Lawyer DC

Do I need to hire a security clearance lawyer in DC if I was denied clearance?

With the assistance of our security clearance lawyer in DC there is hope for those who have been denied a government job based on a perceived security issue.  A frustrating aspect of the security clearance process is that the goal is to eliminate prospective candidates– not encourage them. Because of this approach, many qualified candidates are unfairly turned away. Without hiring legal representation from a security clearance lawyer, a DC resident may not make progress toward overturning the denial. Those who choose to represent themselves in an appeal hearing are often unprepared for the onslaught of cross-examination and the concerns that are presented by the government’s seasoned attorney. As a result, they court does not rule in their favor, and they do not get the job which they deserve. Our security clearance lawyer in DC may be able to help you turn that situation around to a positive conclusion. Call The Federal Practice Group to learn more.

Is hiring a security clearance lawyer in DC expensive?

Like any other qualified and experienced professional, a DC security clearance lawyer charges for their legal services. What is important for an individual to consider is the cost of the lawyer versus the loss of the coveted federal job and its attending salary. Obviously, some jobs pay more than others so this is a general guideline that must be considered on a case-by-case basis. We welcome you to contact our DC for an estimate of costs associated with hiring our DC. The cost varies based on the services you may benefit from based on the unique circumstances of your case.

What legal services might a DC security clearance lawyer offer me?

  •         Our security clearance lawyer can prepare your formal response to the federal agency’s Letter of Intent (LOI) that denied your clearance. Part of this process is to address the Statement of Reasons listed within the LOI.
  •         Our security clearance lawyer can file the necessary documentation to request an appeal hearing.
  •         Our security clearance lawyer can also prepare for the appeal hearing as well as represent you.
  •         Our security clearance lawyer has the necessary experience to accurately identify and elucidate the factual or procedural errors that occurred during the security check process.
  •         Our security clearance lawyer can apply again for a clearance on your behalf after the required elapsed time which is usually a year after the initial denial. Part of this process includes receiving approval from the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals before proceeding with the second application. You must submit compelling evidence that your circumstances have dramatically changed since the time of your denial.
  •         If you choose to pursue a second application after a denial, the prospective employer must be willing to sponsor you.

If you are in need of a security clearance lawyer DC clients recommend, contact The Federal Practice Group to request a complimentary case review to learn how we can help you.