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National security attorneys in DC represent their clients in a range of issues that involve complex matters surrounding the protection of the country and the rights of people working within the federal government. Managing the inner workings of the federal legal system requires the skill and experience of lawyers from the Federal Practice Group. Protection of whistleblowers is one such matter that our team can provide representation for. When governmental employees report the activity of an organization that is either fraudulent, unsafe, or illegal, they are protected by law from retaliation. Although it’s illegal to retaliate against a whistleblower, it’s possible to face adverse action due to coming forward. While blowing the whistle can be difficult, coming forward can instill change and ultimately protect other employees and even the overall population. If you believe you have been retaliated against by your employer, knowing the signs of retaliation and the steps to take moving forward is imperative.


The Whistleblower Protection Act was enacted in 1989 and is in place to ensure that employees are protected against mistreatment or retaliation as a result of coming forward. Additionally, passing the Whistleblower Protection Act was also made to reduce corruption and illegal and unethical activities. In 2012, the Whistleblower Protection Act was updated to ensure that federal employees were also protected. Before this, disclosures made by federal employees were not protected unless they were the first person to make such disclosures. Because of the intricacies involving whistleblower protections, enlisting a national security attorney in DC is imperative.


Most of the time, employees believe that their employer and the company they work for have the best intentions. Unfortunately, when this is not the case, and a person blows the whistle, retaliation may be the subsequent consequence for coming forward. Retaliation is when a person experiences adverse treatment. At times, retaliation can be evident, but it may be more subtle and challenging to identify in other situations. Identifying that retaliation is present in the workplace is imperative when determining whether further action should be taken. Signs that could indicate retaliation include:

  • Termination
  • Demotion
  • Harassment
  • Reduced Work Hours
  • Being Denied a Promotion
  • Threats

The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) investigates and prosecutes any complaints made involving whistleblower retaliation in accordance with prohibited personnel practices.


If you are a federal employee who blew the whistle on your employer and experienced retaliation, as a result, prompt action must be taken to ensure the best possible outcome. Initiate the process by working with an attorney to gather evidence supporting your case. Key evidence will include documentation such as emails, text messages, phone messages, videos or photographs, and eyewitness information. Our team will work to use this evidence to build a case in your favor. Filing a complaint with the OSC begins by submitting the complaint electronically. Once the complaint has been filed, the OSC will review the information that has been provided and determine their course of action. If the evidence is insufficient to prove a violation of prohibited personnel practices, the OSC will provide its reasons for this determination. At this point, with the assistance of your lawyer, you will have the opportunity to remedy any errors that may have impacted the decision. Should the OSC move forward with the complaint, they may move forward by taking corrective action.

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