Military Attorney Camp Pendleton

military attorney Camp PendletonMilitary Attorney Camp Pendleton

Whether you have been courts-martial or are facing other legal matters as an active duty, retired, or reserved military service man or woman, you have te right to retain a military attorney Camp Pendleton trusts.

At The Federal Practice Group, we have decades of experience in military law. We know the procedures, laws, and ways of the military, and can fight on your behalf. Our education began on the field, and this has given us a unique perspective of how things work, and how to gain respect in the military courtroom.

As a military attorney near Camp Pendleton, we implement a fearless determination that is recommended by our colleagues. Equipped to handle military matters of all magnitudes, we have helped clients in the United States, as well as, those who are stationed in other countries. With state of the art technology, we often work remotely through video and teleconferencing. However, we are also able to travel when needed. Rest assured, we are familiar with challenges and complex matters and we won’t let them get in the way of your freedom and your future.

Our Experience

Military cases are tough and incomparable to civilian cases. A Camp Pendleton military attorney from The Federal Practice Group will have the tenacity, knowledge, skills, and strategy you need to fight your case. We are recognized for having faced and conquered some tough odds. Our experience is vast, and includes:

  • Court martial
  • UCMJ representation
  • Discharge upgrades
  • Board of correction of records
  • Military academy disenrollment
  • AWOL defense
  • USERRA issues
  • Correction of military records
  • Disability retirement
  • General representation
  • Military appeals

If you would like to talk with a Camp Pendleton military attorney, please complete the form on this site, or call our office.

Know Your Rights

When you have been charged as a member of the military, your freedom, job, and reputation will be vulnerable. At The Federal Practice Group a military attorney near Camp Pendleton from our team has provided legal counsel to numerous servicemen and women. Part of this counsel includes educating the client about their rights which are as follows:

  • You do not have to make a statement to anyone, this includes your commander.
  • It is your right to speak with a military attorney, regardless of having been charged with a crime.
  • You have the right to have your military attorney at your side whenever you do talk.
  • It is your right to refuse consent to a search.
  • You can refuse a polygraph test.

Many military convictions are the result of statements or confessions made to agents or investigators during an interrogation. If you are being asked to give a statement, you should consult a military attorney immediately. If you ask for this, the interrogation must legally stop. This is the only way that an interrogation can cease.

Remember, these are your rights. Even if you are innocent, you should always exercise these rights because you CAN. Talk with a military attorney now.

The Federal Practice Group has represented the Navy, Marines, Army, Airforce, Coast Guard, and Reserve service members. Regardless of what you are facing, we are here to help you. Give a military attorney Camp Pendleton relies on a call today to get started on a defense strategy that is durable, aggressive, and protects your rights.