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Any military service member knows that facing a court-martial is extremely serious and stressful. A court-martial trial can arise as a result of charges that are specific to the military including:


  • Mutiny
  • Insubordination
  • Desertion
  • Manslaughter
  • Arson


If you are facing a charge that could result in a court-martial verdict, it is important to explore all your representation rights. Many times you may be given a military defense attorney at no cost to you. This is somewhat like the private sector where you may be appointed a public defender. If your attorney is appointed to you at no cost, is there a reason to look for a civilian military defense or military appellate lawyer in Fort Hood?


Because the consequences of a court-martial are very serious, you should seek the best and most qualified military legal defense available. The government is going to attempt to take away your military livelihood so there is a lot on the line. While every case is different, why not at least consult with a military defense and military appellate lawyer from Fort Hood attorney to see how they can help with your defense.


You do not have to give up the government-appointed attorney if you choose to hire a military defense and military appellate lawyer in Fort Hood. They can work side-by-side on your case.


Other Reasons to Hire a Civilian Attorney




You always want to hire an attorney that has many years of experience handling like cases. Your military defense attorney may be very qualified, yet not possess the experience in your particular case.


Amount of Time to Devote to Your Case


If your case is fairly straightforward, the government-appointed military defense attorney may adequately represent you. However, if your case is more complex and your attorney needs to spend more time and effort in making sure your case is handled efficiently, a military defense attorney may not have the time available to devote to your cause. It is important to inquire to your government-appointment attorney about how many cases they are currently handling.


Civilian Attorneys Have Fewer Restraints


Military defense attorneys may be held to a chain of command that may limit their defense strategy for fear of retribution. A military defense or military appellate lawyer from Fort Hood does not have these restraints and are able to address any misconduct issues in higher-ranking military attorneys without worrying about repercussions.


What to Ask if You Seek the Assistance of a Civilian Attorney


If you want to explore all your options, including interviewing a civilian attorney instead of, or in addition to, using the government-appointed military attorney for your case, be sure to ask the following questions:


  • Is your first consultation free?
  • How many cases have you successfully handled like mine?
  • Is a large part of your practice handling cases similar to mine?
  • Can you talk to me about the resolutions of cases you took that were like mine?
  • Are you familiar with any of the prosecuting lawyers or judges in my case?
  • What do you charge on an hourly basis?
  • Do I have to put down a retainer and if so how much, to obtain your services?


Once you are satisfied with the answers to your inquiries, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to seek additional assistance from a civilian military defense and a military appellate lawyer in Fort Hood from The Federal Practice Group for your case.