Executive Assistant

Ms. Jennifer Metwally is the Executive Assistant to Eric S. Montalvo, Founding Partner of The Federal Practice Group.  Ms. Metwally manages the high volume of scheduling and meeting logistics. Ms. Metwally maintains a thorough understanding of the executive level protocols required for the administration of the firm and expertly manages all engagement requirements on behalf of Mr. Montalvo. Ms. Metwally also supports Mr. Montalvo in his role as managing partner supervising the complex litigation efforts undertaken by the various practice groups.  In this capacity, Ms. Metwally provides legal research, writing, and litigation support to Mr. Montalvo and his team.

Prior to coming to The Federal Practice Group, Ms. Metwally held various positions in administration and financial management. Ms. Metwally has worked on behalf of the Embassy of Qatar and more recently served as an Executive Vice President for an umbrella corporation which oversaw the management of three growing business concerns.

Ms. Metwally maintains a passion regarding the intersection of law and policy. In this regard, she served as an intern with Honorable Steny Hoyer, Democratic Whip, who is the most senior member of the House of Representatives. Ms. Metwally has a steeped interest in international law and dispute resolution. Ms. Metwally believes that the rule of law can only function when people have true access to justice. Ms. Metwally aspires to attain her Juris Doctorate to achieve access to justice for persons in need.

Ms. Metwally is a graduate of Marymount University with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics. She has traveled abroad extensively immersing herself in various cultures including Vietnam, France, Germany, Egypt, and United Arab Emirates. Ms. Metwally is a native speaker of Arabic.