Receptionist/Legal Assistant

Ms. Jennifer Merino is The Federal Practice Group’s Receptionist. Ms. Merino is a patient, organized, and effective communicator who uses her exceptional interpersonal skills and technical prowess to manage the prolific and dynamic external and internal communications that form the basis of the firm’s daily operations. Ms. Merino also provides support as a legal assistant. In this capacity, she efficiently and expertly handles case administrative matters.

Prior to joining The Federal Practice Group team, Ms. Merino accrued significant customer service, administrative, and software skills while working for Fortune 500 companies.

Ms. Merino is a graduate of Northern Virginia Community College with an Associate of Science degree in Political Science and Government. Ms. Merino’s studies have sparked a passion for the law and its impact on society. Ms. Merino’s ultimate goal is to obtain her law degree and practice international humanitarian law. She possesses a strong intellectual curiosity and espouses a desire to personally and professionally pursue a lifetime of learning. Ms. Merino is a native speaker of Spanish.