Ms. Hart is a practicing attorney in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, with a focus on military disability; civilian disability, including ERISA; Social Security, and VA Benefits; insurance law; personal injury; and tax law. She also provides consultation services to civilian attorneys who represent military members in divorces and family law cases for the purpose of dividing military retirement. Although located just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ms. Hart’s practice is nationwide as she represents injured service members all over our great country.

Ms. Hart assists military members as they navigate the difficult and challenging process of the military’s medical disability evaluation system. As an attorney, she represents members at every stage, from helping a service member enter the medical disability system, representation before the MEB (Medical Evaluation Board, aka the Medical Board), FPEB or PEB (Formal Physical Evaluation Board or Physical Evaluation Board, aka the Formal Board), and Appeals to the Secretary of each Service. She also represents civilian employees with disability claims against OPM (Office of Personnel Management), and uniformed service members in the full and fair hearing process.

Ms. Hart specializes in helping our injured service members navigate one of the most difficult times in their lives. Many times these cases become quite complicated, require multiple experts and medical specialists, and may involve civilian disability issues, military disability issues, and also tax issues. In addition, many have complicated, difficult health issues which may be related to toxins and environmental contaminants (many from the burn pits), vaccinations (often Anthrax and Smallpox), parasites and other blood borne pathogens, and other illnesses due to exposures in third-world countries. As a consequence, Ms. Hart has become an expert in these related areas.

Ms. Hart represents military service members and civilians with Social Security Disability Income Benefits (SSDIB), most of her clients are approved in less than 6 months. She is an active advocate for Wounded Warriors through this process also. She prefers to assist with the initial application as Ms. Hart believes – and her track record proves this — most disabled persons can be approved on the initial application if the proper forms are filled out and the appropriate medical records submitted.

Ms. Hart also specializes in head injuries and cognitive disabilities, for both military service members and civilians. Many times, even a small car wreck or minor fender bender can result in a closed head injury, or female problems that are easily overlooked or attributed to something else. Ms. Hart represents injured persons from all walks of life, but only handles personal injury and car wreck claims in Oklahoma. (Military disability and SSA disability are federal and can be handled in any state.) It’s been said ‘the devil is in the details’, and Ms. Hart proves every day that her attention to detail helps her obtain favorable settlements and decisions for her clients.

Ms. Hart graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 1999. Shortly after passing the bar in Oklahoma and Missouri, Ms. Hart went to work for Carnahan, Carnahan & Hickle in Rolla, Missouri. After a short tour of active duty in the spring of 2001, she returned to her home state of Oklahoma and started her own firm in Tulsa. She recently moved her office to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, a smaller town north of Tulsa.

Ms. Hart is also Major Hart in the United States Air Force Reserves Judge Advocate General Corps, formerly a JAG Officer in the Missouri Army National Guard. She is the Deputy Staff Advocate for the JAG office she works in, and is a senior IMA. She has served a total of twelve years, with tours of duty from Alaska to Japan, and has been instrumental in implementing a number of new computer programs. Major Hart is repeatedly recognized as a dedicated, hardworking, and valuable member of the JAG Corps, always willing to take on additional duties, and is an active member of Information Technologies Reserve Committee for the JAG Corps, and of the Junior Officer Council, where she serves as a regular instructor at the Reserve Orientation Course for all new Reserve Judge Advocates.