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Immigration Attorney DC

Immigration Attorney DC

Facing immigration issues can result in a number of complexities, making the help of an immigration attorney in DC an important resource to access for legal guidance. In the United States, there are no laws that prevent you from marrying a foreigner or immigrant. Your marriage will be legally recognized. However, just because your spouse married a US citizen does not mean that they will automatically be granted US citizenship. They still must go through the process of applying for a green card, which allows for permanent residence in the United States.

DC immigration attorneys at The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service, can support you in working through several factors that are considered when issuing green cards:

  • The presence of a criminal record
  • Certain medical conditions may make them ineligible
  • Prior violations of immigration laws
  • Married with the sole purpose of getting a green card

Three years after obtaining a green card your spouse can apply to be a citizen of the US. That is, if you are still with your spouse when they apply. If you are not married anymore, the waiting period increases to five years. It is advisable to seek the help of an immigration attorney from DC to assist with the immigration process. The experienced DC immigration lawyers of The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service, can help make sure all the proper forms are submitted and all deadlines adhered to.

Can my fiancé stay in the US if we are not yet married?

In order for your fiancé to be in the US prior to your marriage, you must first petition using Form I-129F from the USCIS. A DC immigration lawyer can help navigate you and your fiancé through the petition process. Once the petition is approved, it is sent to the US consulate in the home country of your fiancé for review. This part of the process may take up to several months. During the review process, your fiancé will be interviewed at the consulate. If the interview is successful, your fiancé will receive a K-1, or fiancé visa. After the K-1 is given to your fiancé:

  • They have six months to come to the US
  • Upon arrival, there will be an additional three months to be married

The earlier during that 90 days that you can get married the better. Once you are married, your immigrant spouse may proceed with the process of applying for a green card. It will be important that the legal certificate of marriage is produced when applying for a green card. Working with a DC immigration lawyer may prove useful when managing the process of obtaining US citizenship.

Financial Considerations

A DC immigration Attorney will outline for you key financial considerations when pursuing citizenship in the US. US citizens who wish to marry non-citizens must show proof that they can financially support the person applying for their green card. This financial support must be above the Poverty Guidelines set for the US. Additionally, the US citizen must sign a form that states the US government will not have to support the their spouse for up to ten years. If you do not have the required assets or income to support your non-citizen fiancé, a family member may promise to support them. Any assets that your fiancé has may be considered, however, a potential job offer does not qualify.

Contact an Immigration Attorney from DC

There are many other details that may need to be addressed. Immigration laws are constantly influx. The experienced DC immigration attorneys at The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service, are knowledgeable and current with all immigration procedures. Don’t take the chance of making an error in the process by trying to do this on your own. Your marriage and future life together are at stake. Contact The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service, immigration attorneys from DC you can rely on.