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At Federal Practice Group, a Federal trial lawyer Washington DC community members trust has been representing people who have been charged with a federal crime. Now is the time to obtain a lawyer who can build a case and advocate for the accused. The conviction for many federal crimes comes along with a harsh sentence and long-term consequences. We can defend clients who have been arrested for criminal charges within the federal courts. We have been practicing law for many years, and understand what is at stake. Our lawyers understand the legal system, procedures, issues, and applicable law.

If you are facing a conviction for a federal crime, we cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is that you have qualified legal representation. The worst thing you can do for your case is hire a lawyer who may be cheaper, but won’t work hard enough towards the verdict you are hoping for. Trust us when we say that you are in good hands with our team, and a Federal appellate lawyer DC residents trust is not afraid to use aggressive strategies to build your case.

We have helped defend people who face charges such as:

  • Internet crimes
  • Federal tax fraud
  • Drug crimes
  • Child pornography
  • Money laundering
  • Securities raud
  • Immigration fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Identity theft

Money Laundering

There are cases where a federal charge is combined with charges of money laundering, This is an easy way for the prosecution to raise the potential penalties for what would otherwise be a fairly minor crime. We have experience handling additional penalties, and know how to fight against the prosecution’s sneaky tactics. Our firm knows how to defend small business owners of massage parlors, restaurants, dry cleaners, and other operations that are legitimate, but are facing money laundering charges.

Asset Forfeiture

As with any federal crime cases, there is the issue of forfeitures to be looked at. Forfeiture proceedings may be handled in either civil or criminal court. Even if you aren’t charged or acquitted, you have to take serious action in order to recover what is yours. By doing nothinng, essentially, you could lose everything. This includes your house, cars, and bank accounts. By performing a careful examination of your case, we can often uncover evidence that counters state contention that certain items of yours were obtained through illegal activity. We will work relentlessly to undermine the claims of forfeiture to prevent the prosecution from using this to force you into a plea or admission.

Federal Practice Group

At our law firm, we take federal cases very seriously. We know how your life and the lives of your family members may be changed as a result of a conviction. We will work hard, be honest, offer support, represent you in court, and fight aggresively for your behalf. Call Federal Practice Group to schedule your consultation with a Washington, DC Federal trial lawyer today.

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