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Federal Contractor Issues

The United States government employs a large number of contractors for a wide variety of different projects, both nationwide and throughout the world. Important requirements must be met in order to acquire the appropriate security clearance for many of the positions added over the past decade, and those who work with the federal government must also stay aware of the need to adhere to a certain set of ethics and standards, or risk seeing their government contract come to an abrupt close. Anyone who finds that their government contract has been suspended, terminated or was never approved, should enlist the services of a skilled attorney as soon as possible, or risk missing an opportunity to pursue the positive conclusion you are entitled to.

Federal contractors issues arise often, throughout the great many government projects in action worldwide, and can occur for any number of reasons. Although legitimate reasons do exist for premature termination of a government contract, such as unlawful conduct, some penalties can be imposed as the decision of a hearing based on allegations alone. When the federal government denies, suspends or terminates a contract based on weak justifications, you may be able to appeal in order to pursue a more favorable resolution.


The Federal Practice Group has extensive experience in representing the right of appeal to federal contractors working within the United States as well as in places like the Middle East and others. Our firm has built a combined 100 years of experience working with clients to formulate solid cases for successful appeals. We rely on a strict regimen of dedicated research and an organized approach in order to provide compelling evidence for a winning appeal, and elimination of any adverse consequences.

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